How much are surf lessons in Hawaii?

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$50 a day
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How much do piano lessons cost?

It really depends. Typically beginner lessons range from around $20 - $100 for a half hour. However, offers live, online lessons for about $15 a half-hour. Typically private instrument lessons, including piano, run anywhere from $25-$50 per 30 minutes of instruction. It usu ( Full Answer )

How much are scuba lessons?

Answer . My open water water course cost me around £300. I did do my open water dives in the Red Sea and the cost for a week was £500. That included diving everyday. I suppose it will depend on where you go. I completed my advanced open water course in Rhodes and I think it was less than  ( Full Answer )

How much do karate lessons cost?

It depends on the trainer or a club, and how many hours or days you train, or is it private or public. The facility and the school is the key. Lessons can run as low as $5 a class. Most schools sign you up for a minimum 1 year contract, running something around $600-$800 a year. I charge $10 a cl ( Full Answer )

How much do voice lessons cost?

The teacher that I am looking into costs about $25 for a half-hour, but I heard that local teachers can cost as less as $10, and teachers in big cities like NY charge about $150. Just because someone costs more doesn't mean they are better, tho! ____________________________________________________ ( Full Answer )

How much do soccer lessons cost?

Instead Of Paying For Soccer Lessons Why Dont You Just Find One Of Your Friends That Can Play Very Good Or Will Teach You Or Find A Coach On A Soccer Team And Get Better And Better Each Time You Play.I Play Soccer My Self.

How much is it to start a surf shop?

The cost to start a surf shop can vary according to location andnecessary inventory. The average start up cost for a?æsurf shop isabout $125,000.

How much does a surf board cost?

Extremely various costs depending on type of board and weather new or used. If you are a beginner try to get a good used cheapish board, till you are a bit better. A beginner board should be picked up for appx. US$200 to US$400.

How much do gymnastic lessons cost?

This will vary. It will depend on what gym you go to, how many days a week, if you want regular gymnastics, or team gymnastics. I know at the gym I coached at we charged $45 a month for 50 minutes a week for just recreational gymnastics classes.

How much are boxing lessons?

The price for boxing lessons depends on the skill of the tutorgiving them. Lessons from a prestigious tutor could cost upwards of200 dollars.

How much r guitar lessons?

It will depend on where you get the lesson, but one option that I have found is this website: It is very cheap for what they are offering and they let you try it for free. Good luck.

How much does a guitar lesson cost?

Nowadays there are several ways you can learn guitar, here are the approximate prices: . Personal teacher: $30-50 / lesson . Guitar book/DVD: $10-20 . Online lesson sites: $10-20 / month Lots of people are learning the guitar through the internet nowadays, since its the cheapest method and the m ( Full Answer )

How much are singing lessons?

A good course of singing lessons can be as much as £1000 but you will probably be able to find an effective teacher who charges less. It very much will depend on your current level, and on your desired outcome. You can get excellent training for free if you are fortunate enough to belong to a re ( Full Answer )

How much are surf lessons?

you can get cheap surfing lessons in huntington beach and Newport beach by they are really good and the cheapest around

How much are guitar lessons for a beginner?

While some people charge more than others, generally, a good teacher will run about $30 a lesson (30-45 minutes). Some great jazz guys might charge more and some highschool punk rocker might charge less. Another option is to scour the web for free guitar lessons. Youtube is a great resource. A fe ( Full Answer )

Famous surf location in Hawaii?

The most famous surf location in Hawaii would definitely be the North Shore. It is located on Oahu. It has monstrous waves, and hosts lots of different surf competitions throughout the year. It attracts millions of surfers and spectators that come to see the 20+ foot barrels and professional surfers ( Full Answer )

What are the popular surfing spots in Hawaii?

Some of the popular surf spots in Hawaii are Pipeline (North Shore Oahu), Rice Bowls (South Shore Oahu), Sandy's (South East Shore Oahu), Sunset (North Shore Oahu), Backdoor (North Shore Oahu), Log Cabins (North Shore Oahu), Marijuanas (North Shore Oahu), Velzy Land (North Shore Oahu), Kaisers (Sout ( Full Answer )

How much can music lessons cost?

It completely depends on several things, but the average 30 minute lesson is $20 - $35. Several factors can determine how much a teacher charges with experience being at the top of the list. Online lessons with an experienced teacher on a site like The ZOEN are an interesting way to save money on ga ( Full Answer )

How much does it cost to go surfing?

i have no idea people.....if you guys wanna find out how much it is well then go buy yourself some lessons and head out for a surf for all i care and you just see how much it costs.......who knows if you will regret it or not! sorry

How much are lessons for dance?

It all depends on where you take classes at and how many classes you take. Like at my studio your first class is 42 dollars a month(4classes) and it decreases per class as you add more. Like I have 5 classes and its 150 a month. So look up where you would want to go and assk around:) but usually its ( Full Answer )

Quick which one of these famous surf spots is located in Hawaii?

some famous surf spots in Hawaii are: jaws (peahi), one of the biggest in the world north shore, which is probably one of the best, on Oahu bonzai pipeline- one of the most crowded and best ever spots, but it easily gets super crowded, while paddling out, you have a 30 percent chance of not having ( Full Answer )

How much is wrestling lessons?

i seem to recall a time when my grandfather told me about a local wrestler who was traning people for $600 and more. it gets expensive !!!

How much is the average riding lesson?

depending on the trainers fee's a lesson can price between $20 to $75. the price will depend on the experience of the trainer at what exactly you are being trained in. it also can be based on your level of ability and how much you are willing to spend on a tariner

How many die from surfing in hawaii?

Really depends where you are talking about. Banzai pipeline claimsthe most each year and injures a hand full of people. Jaws andWaimea are big wave spots that have killed some. Sunset and Off TheWall are not to bad.

How much do photography lessons cost?

Obviously a course's cost will vary depending on where you live and the type of course, but a good option is an online course. These are typically cheaper and easier to work around your schedule. Have a look at this one: I wish you the best of luck.

How much are piano lessons?

The cost of piano lessons differs depending on the teachers' musical ability, musical background and availability. Most of the time piano lessons can cost from $50-$100 per monthly lessons. It's really expensive that's why people are now engaging online piano lessons. There are different websites th ( Full Answer )

How much do riding lessons cost?

I pay £10 for a 45 miniuet ride but in some cases, people in America have the standard fee of around $45 dollars for a half hour. I pay $15 dollars for a hour and half, only because of my private barn.

How much does surf board weigh?

A surfboard can be heavy or light depending on the amount of fibreglass and resin on the surfboard. A 6 ounce fibreglass board is heavy, a 4 ounce is light. I have a 4 ounce on the deck and a 6 on the bottom to give it strength, but not make it too heavy. Surfboards can also get heavy from cracks an ( Full Answer )

Where is the best surfing in Hawaii?

There are a lot of places. If you are looking for just having fun, head to Waikiki in Honolulu. If you head to the North Shore, there will be a lot of serious amateurs or possibly pros so that will not be good if you are a beginner surfer and aren't familiar with the general surfing rules. They have ( Full Answer )

Surfing lessons in Huntington Beach California?

There are advertised surfing lessons in Huntington Beach and Newport Beach, California. Prices vary so shop around. Check the link given, good prices and also friendly.

How much are archery lessons?

It depends on where you get them from. Check with the place that you wish to enroll at. I would like actual prices posted here so that I can get an idea as well. I'm going through a park district (as a non-resident -- so I pay a bit more) and it's $72 for four class ($18 per class). This seems a b ( Full Answer )

How much are wing chun lessons?

it verys from school to school but i would say 20 to 25 dollars per 1 hour session is a good average

How many people in Hawaii surf?

I would be exaggerating if I said everyone- but not by much. Hawaiians love the sea- including swimming, fishing, canoeing- and surfing. Even if you do not live on the seacoast- it's not that far.

How much are Tae Kwon Do lessons?

It depends of what club you go to, but mine is £3.50 a week. They are quite a lot of money, because it's £26.00 to grade and like £30.00 for the dobok and insurance. But it's worth it :D Hope this helped xx

How much of the teachers lessons were learned?

Well... its known that many of the teachers have lerant more then studants of today will ever learn and that about um................................... they say that 8/10 you learn from one teacher

How much are violin lessons?

Fora good quality violin lesson, you must first look at what location you are in....... Then, of coarse, find a local symphony and see if one of the violinist ( preferably ) the Concertmaster will tutor you. General lessons for thirty minutes are from $ 25- $40 dollars. For an hour, anywhere from $ ( Full Answer )

How much is swimming lesson for a month?

This depends on location and instructor fees. While you can take lessons from a professional and spend much more money, there are several options that are more economical. Many local public pools provide summer classes. Also such places as the YMCA offer lessons at significantly lower prices. Expect ( Full Answer )

Where can the latest surf reports for Hawaii be found?

There are always many updates with the surf report in Hawaii. In order to access these reports, there are many places that one can go. These places include the television and local newspapers each day.

Where is the best big wave surfing in Hawaii?

Oahu and Waimea Bay are among the best places to go big wave surfing in Hawaii. Best surfers from all over the world go there to challenge the very big waves.

What are some great surfing places in Hawaii?

Hawaii is well known as an excellent place for surfing. Some of the best places for it include Jaws on Maui and Banzai Pipline on Oahu. Another superb place is Castles also on Oahu.