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ask farmer boy thomas horrex his phone number is 079.........

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Q: How much are the new 880 tractors?
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How much is 880 divided by 1760?


Which farm tractors are the most versitile?

Some versatile farm tractors include New Holland Tractors. They serve multiple purposes.

Where can I find more information on farm tractors for sale?

You can visit sites such as to purchase new tractors. Ebay is a great resource for used tractors. is a great website used for buying and selling new and used farm tractors.

How much do New Holland Tractors cost?

New Holland Tractors are agricultural machines used in farming. The website shows a range of tiers depending on the use. The cheapest is å£27,000 and the most expensive is å£241,000

Are there any magazines that specialize in tractors for sale?

Yesterday Tractors are one of the popular magazines that offers a list of tractors for sale. They offer reviews as well as new features of a variety of tractors.

What does Ford-New Holland manufacture?

Ford New Holland produces agriculture vehicles such as tractors and parts for tractors as well as ploughs that can be towed by the tractors along with other harvesting equipment.

Where are New Holland tractors made?


Where is there a sale of tractors in New Hampshire?


How much is a half a mile?

It is 880 yards.

How much is 2640 ft in yards?


What is ranking of new holland tractor worldwide?

New Holland Tractors

Who sells the John Deere 6030 in New York State?

One should look at a local New York store that specialise in different type of things such as tractors. Many tractors varies from state to state which has many types of tractors.

What is half of 880?

Half of 880= 880/2= 440

How fast do tractors go?

Legally most tractors max out at 26-30 mph some smaller tractors go slightly slower like 24 mph there really isn't much in the speed, but bigger tractors go much faster and it also depends if you get it re-mapped or chipped.

How much do the lower end ferguson tractors go for?

Ferguson tractors that are used and on the lower end tend to go for under $5,000. New models tend to go for between $7,000 and $12,000 for the lower end models.

Can someone provide a source for moderately priced Ferguson tractors?

There are many online sources for moderately priced Ferguson tractors. Tractor House ( is a top seller of Ferguson tractors, especially used tractors. Another great source is Tractors for Sale (, which also offers both used and new Ferguson tractors for sale.

What is 60 percent of 880?

60% of 880= 60% * 880= 0.6 * 880= 528

What is 45 percent of 880?

45% of 880 = 45% * 880 = 0.45 * 880 = 396

Who makes new Holland tractors?

Fiat (Italy) owns New Holland.

How much is 880 fpm in mph?

30 MPH

How much feet are in 880in?

880 in = 73.33 ft

Types of tractors?

There are two main types of tractors that are used. These tractors are large farming tractors and small personal tractors.

How far from Amarillo to New Orleans?

About 880 miles by road.

How much do tractors cost?

about three thousand dollars

Which dealerships in upstate New York sell John Deere tractors?

There are several dealerships that sell John Deere tractors. John Deere tractors can also be found at stores like Home Depot.