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nothing. i drive and have a permit but my parents pay the insurance. :D

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Are you paying to much for your car insurance?

Probably not but it always seems like it anyways.

When a car is repossessed what do you do with the insurance?

When a car has been repossessed the person paying the insurance should cancel it.

Do you have to continue paying your insurance if your car is stolen?

No, as long as you have let your insurance company know they car is stolen.

Does paying car insurance monthly build your credit?

Paying your insurance premiums do no report to any credit reporting bureaus.

If you are in an accident and at fault will the insurance company repair your car?

It depends on what company you have insurance with, where you live, and how much coverage you have been paying for. I have The Hartford Insurance. I was in one, I was at fault and they paid for repairs on the other guy's car and my car. It all depends on how much coverage you pay for in your premiums. Yes.

If you sell your car should you continue paying insurance until you get another car?


Is a Mitsubishi eclipse considered a sports car on insurance?

Yes, any 2 door car is a sports car when it comes to paying insurance

Can your car be repo if you have no insurance?

The repo man will not care if your car has insurance or not. If you haven't been paying for your car, the finance company or bank will take their car back.

Do you need to carry on paying car insurance after you have an accident?


When can you stop paying car insurance and why?

You can stop paying car insurance when a) you no longer drive or b) you no longer own a car. You should always have car insurance if you're an active driver because you never know what could happen on the road. Insurance will handle most of your paperwork and deal with repairs, rentals, towing, etc.

Car insurance not paying out after theft?

post some details ffs

How can you get your car fixed if you have no insurance and it was your fault in the wreck?

By paying for it out of your own pocket.

Does paying more for car insurance benefit you if you're in an accident?

Paying more for your insurance doesnt gurantee any better coverage or better protection in an accident.

How can my mom insure a car still in my name?

i am giving my parents a car i am still paying for the car can they get insurance without me

What happens if you are in a car accident and you have no license or insurance?

going to be paying the state lots of me and the owner of the other car

What is the cheapest car insurance you have paid?

The cheapest car insurance is call Cheapest car insurance. But cheaper is not always better and when it is going to help you with paying of damage i would spend more money to get better coverage.

How can one get cheap car insurance quotes in the UK?

An individual can expect to get cheap car insurance in the UK by simply paying a visit to a local licensed insurance representative and seeing what he or she has to offer.

What if you are a vampire?

Then I am paying way too much for my medical insurance.

Is there any way to get a repossessed car back without paying the car insurance?

Not Unless you can prove that you already had the required insurance.AnswerNo. as soon as you have no insurance on a leased vehicle, the lein holder has the legal right to repo it.

What is the law when you let a friend borrow a car and the car is damaged internally severally and in my opinion vandalised?

depending on your insurance: if your insurance says that if you give permission to others to drive your car then its covered by your personal insurance. However, the catch is that its half of your insurance paying for it: and half of theirs

Why do car rental require credit cards?

this is so that the person renting the car does not take off without paying, this is their insurance

What if hail damage is greater than the value of car?

than your car is totaled and your insurance company just pays you a dollar amount instead of paying for the repairs... assuming you have insurance

If one has a bad driving record, is it possible to attain car insurance in the state of Virginia?

If one has a bad driving record, it is still possible to attain car insurance in the state of Virginia. The main problem is that you will end up paying a much higher premium.

How do Georgia car insurance prices compare to Florida?

The car insurance in Georgia is much cheaper than the insurance in Florida. Florida has some of the highest car insurance in the nation.

How much is cheap car insurance in New Mexico?

The cheapest car insurance in New Mexico is liability only car insurance. This insurance can cost as little as $60 a month.

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