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How much bigger is the earth then Mars?


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Earth is roughly twice the size of Mars.

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Earth is much bigger than Mars

diameter os earth is how much bigger than mars

Earth is 300 ft. bigger than Mars

Earth is about 1.88 times larger than Mars.

Earth is much bigger than Mars Earth's diamater is 12,756km, while Mars' diamater is 6,787kmEarth

Mars. Not Mars. Jupiter is a lot bigger than Earth, but the Sun is much bigger than a planet.

No, Earth is bigger them Mars.

It is scientifically proven that Earth is about 6.6 times bigger than Mars.

earth is bigger than mars

Mars is smaller than earth

yeah earth is way bigger

Earth is roughly twice the size of Mars.

Mars is smaller than the earth

Neptune is bigger than Mars and also the Earth

No, Mars is much smaller than Earth, but both planets have similar amount of dry land. The diameter of Mars is half that of the Earth. Mars has ten percent of the mass that the earth has. The whole surface of mars is about equal to the all of the dry land surface of the Earth. Mars has about one third the gravity of the Earth.

Mars is bigger than Mercury. Mars is almost the same size as the Earth. Mercury is slightly bigger than our Moon.

Earth is bigger than mars because its the biggest inner planet out of all four inner planets.

mars is only half the size of earth

Earth is about 2 times bigger than Mars. Mars has a diameter of 6,794km and the diameter of Earth is 12,756km. Scientists usually measure the size of planets with diameter, not volume.

Uranus is much bigger than Mars.

Earth is bigger. Earth is about twice the diameter of Mars and more than 6 times the volume.

Earth is bigger, with a diameter of 12,756 km and a mass of 5.97x1024kg. Mars, on the other hand, has a diameter of 6792 km and a mass of 0.642x1024kg.

Earth is bigger then Mars Mars has frozen water and the Earth has bothe liquid and solid water. The man leave on earth and cannot produce life on mars^_^ Mars is known as the red planet while the earth is the blue planet

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