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Q: How much blood loss is necessary to sustain shock?
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What type of shock involves blood loss?

traumatic shock

What is hypovolic shock?

Excessive loss of blood

What are causes of Hypovolemic shock?

Hypovolemic shock is caused by blood loss, and there is a low volume of blood in the system.

What shock is caused by sudden blood or body fluid loss?

Hypovolemic shock

What cause hypovolemic shock?

A loss of a large volume of blood will cause hypovolemic shock.

Why does shock occur in a person?

to numb pain or loss of blood

What percent of blood volume loss is necessary for significant vital sign change?

Losing around 20% of your blood volume will put you into shock. NB: When your blood pressure falls, your body is unable to compensate through the normal mechanisms of control (such as the renin-angiotensin system in the kidneys, or constricting blood vessels) for the the loss of blood and the patient is in serious shock. If the blood loss is acute, the BP may rise initially due to the constriction of blood vessels etc.

Shock is caused by?

Shock is usually caused by trauma, blood loss, dehydration or massive infection

The form of circulatory shock known as hypovolemic shock is?

only that form of shock caused by large scale loss of blood.

What are the causes of shock?

blood loss, injury, internal bleeding, illness

Severe shock occurs with blood loss of?

over 50 percent

Which type of shock results from blood loss?

Technically blood loss is Hypovolemia, which is a state of decreased blood volume, or more specifically blood plasma. Therefore blood loss is classified as Hypovolemic Shock, which, although independently referred to on its own, can also fall into the class of Distributive Shock. This is caused by any form of hypoxia, which more often then not, is a relative form of Hypovolemia, or blood loss. So essentially- Hypovolemic Shock=Distributive Shock as it = a relative form of Hypovolemia So if you are trying to be specific to an the issue, use HS, but if you want a category that also pertains to other similar shock types, use DS.

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