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An average amount like your period. Anything more should be discussed with your dr.

A good rule of thumb is soaking a maxi pad an hour for more than three hours is a sign of too much blood loss. If it were me, after 2 soaked pads I'd be getting checked out. Please remember not to use tampons for this blood flow. Your body needs to expel matter to prevent infection.

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Q: How much blood loss should there be after a miscarriage?
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How much blood can a person lose during rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a simple operation, there should not be much blood loss at all, if any.

How much blood loss is dangerous?

40% of blood loss is dangerous.

What do you do for too much blood loss?

It depends on how much blood was lost. Up to 15% blood loss can be treated by drinking 3 times as much as was lost. Between 15% and 30%, liquids should be given by IV Between 30% and 40%, liquids by IV or blood transfusion Over 40% - blood transfusion

How much blood loss requires 2 units of blood?


What can happen with excessive blood loss?

You might faint from excessive blood loss, or if it too much is lost it can lead to death.

How much blood is loss when your cherry is popped?

it can't be more than a pint of blood.

Why is it important to stop the loss of blood after a severe injury?

If you loose to much blood you can die.

How much blood loss is deadly?

4 or more pints

How much blood loss is necessary to sustain shock?


How much do you bleed when you have a miscarriage?

In some women it's like having a regular period.The range of how much blood is lost during a miscarriage varies from very little, to substantial. In the case of heavy bleeding, you most certainly should be getting medical help. Not all bleeding in early pregnancy is a miscarriage sign, but if more than a light period and always if you have had cramping, you should get checked by a doctor. Sometimes the baby can survive despite heavy bleeding.

How much amount of blood loss causes malena?

2 L

What does one take to clear blood clots after a miscarriage?

If the uterus does not clear quickly enough, you could lose too much blood or develop an infection. But if you lose to much blood to quickly it can be fatal. It is best to let the cleansing process flow naturally, if it starts to stop before it should consult a doctor and massage the uterus.

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