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one ounce, exactly

you can weigh it


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In an average medium size crab, there is about ½ cup of meat. There usually isn't a lot of meat in crabs.

I have found that a 8oz Blue Crab weigh's a half pound.....

the package of crab should be around $2.35

A standard cup of crab meat (8 oz.) if packed full will weigh about half a pound.

The amount of crab meat in a crab leg depends on the type of crab. It is typically only a few ounces, even for king crab.

This depends on the kind of crab, but I can answer that for Alaskan King Crab Legs there is approximately 1/4 lb (4oz) of meat in one large leg. Snow crab would obviously have much less.

That is approximately 1/28 of an ounce

That is 1 pound, 1 ounce

With crab meat depending on the type you'd be looking at about a half the cholesterol of chicken and about a fifth as much as beef.

please let me know how much fat in sea crab it is called cholestrol because can eat stroke person let me know in

I allow 4 ounce per portion.

As with any potentially hazardous food, surimi or imitation crab meat should not be unrefrigerated for more than 2 hours. Less time is much better.

They're better if you order them from a place which buys seafood fresh, I can tell you that much. If you like crab meat, there's a good possibility you'll like crab cakes. How they taste specifically depends on the recipe... there are many styles of crab cake.

Squid, Octopus and Horseshoe Crab! Thats as much as I know...

Depending on the cut of meat, the meat will lose no more than 1 ounce of weight. The average would be 1/2 or 2/3oz as meat is a very dense ingredient.

some time weigh 5 pound and 3.87

bump pumpy bump.... I'm determined to find out... hyperthyroidism, diahhrea... it' caught my attention. Be back soon.

Totally depends on the species of crab. Dungeness are very high at about 25% yield, while those tasty but annoying Chesapeake crab only give up about 10%. here is a good guide for Pacific Seafood yields:

how much is a troy ounce worth?

if i sold silver how much would i get an ounce how much is silver an ounce

I am pretty sure that you just put it in the freezer. Anything you freeze should be tightly sealed with as much air removed as possible.

The average length of the common blue damselfly is 32mm. Their weight is not listed but they are small and most likely weigh under an ounce.

Fruits/veggies, popcorn, yogurt(junk food), pretty much any plant, meat chicken pig etc...

0.25 ounce or 1/4 ounce.

its a ton-an ounce is much much smaller

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