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Q: How much books did John Steinbeck write?
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How much wives did John Steinbeck have?


How much money did John Steinbeck earn in total of all his books?

I do know that the first book he sold was The Red Pony and this he sold for $90.

What was John Steinbeck first novel and how successful was it?

John Steinbeck's first novel was Cup of Gold and it was not very successful and did not draw much attention

John Steinbeck children?

Yes he loved children.... a little to much.

Who were John Steinbeck's role models?

Ernest Hemingway was one of John Steinbeck's main writing role models. He is thought to have modeled much of his writing style after Hemingway's.

Who much books jacks prelutsky write?

over 35 books

How much books has Allen alberg write?

140 Books for Children

How much books did he write?

dont now?

How much is a 15 cent John Steinbeck stamp in mint condition not on an envelope worth?

15 cents

What was John Steinbecks purpose for writing travels with charley?

john Steinbeck realized that he did not know much about America. Steinbeck thought of this as criminal because he didn't know the country he was writing about. this is why he takes his trip to discover 'new America'

How much books did r.l Stine write?


How much books did Steve martin write?

Steve martin wrote 17 books.

How much do authors and or illustrators get paid a year?

It depends on how many books they write a year and how popular the books are.

How much books did Mary Ellen lang collura write?


About how much people can read books and write stories in Iran?

ther is about 23 people can read and write

John currently has enough money to buy 45 books If the cost of each book was 10 cents less John could buy 5 more books How much money does John have to spend on books?


Who inspired Anne Fine to write books?

she did not have much to do so she did somthing in her time

How much money does John Grisham have?

Heaps. His books have been hugely successful.

How much are the john carter comic books worth?

40 million dollars

How much books did Andy mcnab write?

32, along with four audio stories.

Why does Beverley Naidoo write books?

Beverley naidoo writes books to show whats right and wrong and to show how the world has changed so much

How many of John Steinbecks books became movies?

as many as he wants there to be and that would only be as much as one or two of his books were turned into movies

What does Curley's wife do?

In John Steinbeck's book 'Of Mice and Men' Curley's wife doesn't do much. Whenever she is mentioned she is seen hanging around the men's quarters at the ranch.

How much is john Lennon book worth?

it depends on which of his books you're talking about and where you are planning on buying it.

What different kinds of books did Jenny Pausacker write?

She writes a verity of books like, crime waves, mystery, love story's, comedy and much more!