How much caffeine is in a mcdonalds frappe?

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Straight from McDonald's Customer Response Center:

Caramel Frappe

12 fl oz cup : 75 mg

16 fl oz cup: 85 mg

22 fl oz cup: 130 mg

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Yes you can if you just don't order it.

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The amount of caffiene can be work out from the ingredients listed on McDonalds Website. But one has to work out the weight if each ingredients from the calories by looking up ingredients on other webistes A Frappe Chocolate Chip (Small) has: Caramel Coffee Frappe Base = about 40mg of caffeine Mocha Coffee Frappe Base = about 60mg of caffeine Chocolate chips = about 6mg of caffeine Chocolate Drizzle = about 1mg of Caffeine Thefore a total of about 107mg of caffeine. About 20% more than a similar sized cup of coffee.

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What are the nutrition facts of a mcdonalds medium caramel frappe

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About 75mg of caffeine. Less than a cup of coffee.

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