How much can a expiereced auto mechanic make in Texas?

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How much does a mechanic make a year?

if you are really good &up to date; you can make as much as you wont to.i would average around 100,000.00 - 180,000.00 per year. it has to be a very good new car dealership.but once you put in your time; you will start having people ask for is really like being a MD; except you are running te ( Full Answer )

How much money does a qualified auto mechanic earn?

Hourly rates vary quite a bit across the country and in different shops. Large corporations may pay as much as $15 per hour, but the typical hourly scenario is usually around $8-10. In order to make good money as a mechanic, a person needs to: (1) become ASE master certified or better; (2) specia ( Full Answer )

How much does a mechanic make?

Depends on a lot of factors, where he works at a dealer or independent shop Is he an A,B,C or master tech How good/fast is he ranges from $50,000-70,000 with master techs reaching $100,000+

How do you file a mechanics lien for unpaid auto repairs in Texas?


How much does an airplane mechanic make?

Answer . \nWorking on small single and twin engine planes $10-$20hr. Business class jets and turbo props 40-50Kyr. Large transport catagory-Airbus, Boeing-45-80Kyr

How much money does an auto mechanic earn in Europe?

There does not appear to be a salary estimate that covers Europe asa whole. The median annual salary for an auto mechanic in theUnited Kingdom is $43,430. This includes an annual bonus of $6,360.The average monthly salary for an auto mechanic in Germany is 4,013euros or $5,150 in US currency.

How much does a newly trained auto mechanic earn?

Salary Calculator Tool . There is a "salary calculator" tool on this website:\n\n. \nEnter the job title and zip code for your area and it will provide you with the average salary comensurate with the job.\nAnna Webb

How much does a mechanical engineer make?

Mechanical Engineering Salaries . The middle 50% earned between $52,210 and $84,940. The lowest 10% earned less than $41,810, and the highest 10% earned more than $101,240. Median annual earnings in the industries employing the largest numbers of mechanical engineers in 2006 were: Federal govern ( Full Answer )

How much does an auto technician make?

With a automotive tech field being mostly 100% commission based obviously there is lots of room for variance. I would have to say 95% of technicians make 20k-105k a year gross. Probably 85% of technicians make 40-65k gross annually. Generally there is a "sweet spot" being a technician. Mostly all te ( Full Answer )

How much do aviation mechanics make?

Not enough, when you consider the training required and the responsibility the mechanic has for the safety of the aircraft.

How much money do mechanics make?

not much, averages about $15/h for a licensed mechanic, compared to some factory semi-skilled machine operators that make $17-$18 an hour

How much does an auto mechanics earn?

Answer . auto mechanics are paid through a uniform source book and based on how long it takes to work on a certain project. Example: rotate 5 tires with the one in the trunk 1/2 an hour at a rate of 128 dollars per hour.

How much does a aviation mechanic make?

Answer I am taking Aviation Structures in College right now and they make 20-32 an hour (Canadian) my father was a mechanic and worked on private light aircraft as a mechanic and would make 300 to 800 per inspection (as he had his own business). In the shop under an employer (like Boeing etc) you c ( Full Answer )

How much does a helicopter mechanic make?

Answer . Anywhere from $17,500 annualy for a private in the milatary up to around $100,000 for some private sector pilot/mechanic jobs. Average is around $50,000 annualy.

How much does a auto painter make?

A automotive painter makes 15-20 an hour depends on place and type of work being done. I have been painting for some time.stright paint ie prediction painter body shop painter and custom painter i have done all of thees worst in my case is body shop painter due to insurance adjusters or quoits not g ( Full Answer )

How much does a marine mechanic makes?

The average annual salary for a marine mechanic is 35,430 dollars.The top ten percent of people working in this profession can havean annual salary of 55,030 dollars.

How much dose a mechanic make?

Well, as mechanics are normally self-employed it is completely different for each company. But some mechanics also can do high paid work for racing teams. e.g. F1, GP, Rally

How much do auto mechanics charge per hour?

depends on the area, i charge £25 an hour which is under the £30 other mechanics charge in the area, which means im always fully booked with no down time and always have customers returning and recommending me, £25 an hour might sound alot but when you take tax,unit rental,tooling costs, bu ( Full Answer )

How much does an automotive mechanic make?

you roughly make forty dollars an hour to start out. then you make fiffty dollars a week as a middle class mechanic. and as a top mechanic you should make seventy-five to one hundred dollars an hour

How much money does a Nascar mechanic make?

It varies from Team to Team, but a good ballpark figure is around $60,000 to $80,000 a year, some will make more, some much less, the determining factor generally depends on the caliber and wealth of the team.

How much does a NASA mechanical engineer make?

Have a look at A quick search shows that a NASA engineer starts around 53k per year at entry level, and can advance to around 78k at supervisor level. The pay seems slightly low by industry standards, so you must have a passion for your work. However, government retirement benefits ( Full Answer )

How much is Texas auto sales tax in Dallas county?

Texas auto sales tax is currently at 8.25 percent for every 1.00 United States Dollar spent in any given sales transaction in the state of Texas for products with applicable tax fees.

How much do auto transporters make?

There are usually 2 different parts of auto transport when it comes to the money aspect. There are brokers, and carriers. The broker will typically take a portion of the total cost (usually around $100-$200) for setting up the transport. The auto transport company will make the remaining balance. Th ( Full Answer )

How much does an auto mechanic make an hour?

Depends on experience and how they're paid. Often, mechanics will be paid by the flag hour - they'll be paid for the time projected for the work they do, rather than how long they actually do it. For an experienced mechanic who can finish, for example, 20 flag hours of work in 8 hours, it's for the ( Full Answer )

How much does a ATV mechanic make?

a good mechanic can make 60k plus a year but on average the pay is around 40k this i know because I am there service manager!

How much cost to be an auto mechanic?

To be an auto mechanic, you will have to pay for yourcertifications. This will cost around $800 total. This also dependson where you get them. The biggest expense for any tech is going to be tools, as well.Now, you won't buy all the tools you obtain straightaway, butyou'll spend at least a couple th ( Full Answer )

How much do auto body mechanics make a year?

About $40,000 a year. That all depends on area of the country, experience, duties, etc. $40,000 is a guess(and terribly low for someone with experience).

What will you have to do as an auto mechanic?

First and foremost is (CYA) Cover your assets in other words make sure when in the automotive field whether it is at home or in the shop working on customers vehicles, Is that any repairs you make do not come back a second time in other words being efficiant because the the more time you spend on ( Full Answer )

How much does a forklift mechanic make?

Depends on experience, but anywhere from 20,000+ to 50,000+...depends who you are working for. I know some that are bringing in 150,000+ a week

How much can a auto detailer make?

As a detailer working for someone else, pay is usually around $30 - $40 per vehicle. Working for myself, I usually only spend around $10 - $15 on supplies/materials, the rest goes into pocket. Average price right now is in the $100 per vehicle range.

How much does a auto motive mechanic get paid a week?

Several factors are in effect to determine how much you can make as an automotive mechanic. First is always "qualifications". As with any job the more you know and are willing to learn the more you will make. It also depends on whether you work for a dealership, privately owned shop or are a freelan ( Full Answer )

How much shooling do you need to become a auto mechanic?

Most mechanics do not receive an hourly wage. Instead, they are paid by a system called flat rate. Every job that can be done from changing oil to rebuilding a transmission is uniformly given a particular amount of time in which the average mechanic can finish the job. For example, an oil change mig ( Full Answer )

Is it illegal to write a post dated check to an auto mechanic in Texas?

Section 4-401 of the Uniform Commercial Code provides that it is perfectly legal to write a post dated check, though many banks tend to lie and say that it is illegal so they can get out of admitting they made a mistake by accepting it, at the same time banks, car companies, finance companys, etc re ( Full Answer )

How much money does an qualified auto mechanic earn?

they can make somewhere around $75,000 a year Depends.I have seen adds at $8.74 per hour. Franchise repair shops at 10-15% of total ticket and flat rates of up to $29 on big cities with unions.But overall a QUALIFIED TECH will make $50K for a average-some more some less and depends on the location ( Full Answer )

How much money does an auto mechanic earn in a month?

There are many different levels and types of auto mechanics. Therefore, the typical pay scale depends solely on the type of mechanic that one is training to become. In addition, the amount of schooling an auto mechanic has completed will drastically raise his or her pay scale. The final issue that c ( Full Answer )