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How much can a welding supervisor earn?


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Depends on the company you work for. A good company will pay between 60 and 70 a year.


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Air Supervisor around $800 a day and a Saturation Supervisor $1400 a day

Most welding engineers are making between 65-75 right out of school. I'll be graduating here soon.

Between 13 and 15 an hour starting pay.

A welder can earn around 75,000 dollars in New York. A welding inspector can earn around 100,000 dollars a year.

There is no cheap way to earn a welding certificate. You can see if a welder is willing to take you on as an aprentice.

12-25 per hour depending on typee of welding and degree or not 12-25/ hour depending on type of welding and whether or not you have a degree/certified.

I am presently working as a bar supervisor in Dublin and I earn €454 euro's per week. 2/09/07 I have 10 years experience in the bar trade

from 13 to 35 dollars an hour depends on what your certifacations are. you can earn from 15000 to 100000 dollars a year depends on if its commercial welding or independent welding give me more of an answer

It depends on the company, also it depends on if you are "wet" welding, that's welding in the water or if you are "dry" welding, that's welding underwater but in a dry environement. Wet welding is not a good quality weld due to the difficulty in preparing the area pre-welding ie; preheating and after the weld is complete testing the weld is difficult. Underwater welding is usually something a diver does once in a while and is not a divers main job.250000$46,425.50 according to

Welders in Australia make different amounts depending on the types of welding. On average, for a first class welder they can make as much as $1.320 a week.

The industries that commonly have production supervisor jobs are mainly manufacturing industries. Some of the examples are Industrial Steel Fabrication/Welding and Technicians.

How much money does a UPS part time supervisor earn per hour Answer It depends on the industry, company and positions. Fast food supervisors make little more than minimum wage, while factory floor supervisors may make $63,000 per year or more. Do you have a specific field in mind?

Contributor badges are earned by simply answering questions, editing answers etc. Supervisor badges are given (by a higher supervisor) when someone is nominated as a category supervisor.

How much time is required to complete education in welding depends on the type of welding education you are seeking. The American Welding Society webpage is a great place to get answers, and for Canadians, the Canadian Welding Society.

The average salary for exhaust installer welders is $33,000. Typically, experience is required in obtaining a welding job with this salary.

Welding can be all three and even more than that. You can earn a two year Associates degree, a four year Bachelors degree, and even a Masters or Doctorate in Welding Engineering. The American Welding Society also offers many different certifications including a Certified Welding Inspector, a Certified Welding Engineer, and welding certifications for different materials, base metal thicknesses, and welding positions.

How much a welder can make a year depends on what they are welding and who they are working for. Welders working on large projects like ocean and air vessels can easily make six figures.

A wikianswer supervisor does not get paid,it is for fun.

Around NZ$65 an hour. Consumables (sanding and grinding disks, welding rods etc.) would also be added to this cost

A full-time student can earn a welding degree in about two years. This training can be found at community or technical college. Students can also earn education and industry certifications in less than two years. To earn your degree you will mostly take welding classes but some related instruction will also be required. This will include classes like technical writing, applied math, interpersonal communication and human relations on the job.

The welding lens filters out much of the ultra violet light produced by welding.

Wattage or Power is the product of the welding amperage and the welding voltage.

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