How much can you trust your cheating spouse after his affair?


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That's for the spouse to determine depending on the condition of the marriage and severity of the adultery (if any).

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Yes, the male spouse will often refuse to admit he has been cheating on his wife because they feel guilty and even while having the affair they feel it is wrong so they will lie no matter how much evidence is against them.

Just because this person is a narcissist doesn't make then much different than anyone else cheating with your spouse and you should be more concerned about your spouse cheating. By all means sit down with the narcissists spouse and tell the whole story, but be sure you have absolute proof before doing so. Don't be surprised if the narcissist's spouse becomes angry and is denial, but, in time the spouse will become to believe it.

No woman would want to be compared to their spouse's affair partner. When a spouse does this they are getting even for having to stay with their spouse. It hurts and cuts deeply when the cheating spouse makes comments about how much better their affair partner was. Take control and let your spouse know immediately you are not going to put up with their childish behavior and if their affair partner is so great then tell him/her (no matter how hard it is for you) that you will file for divorce as you deserve better.ANSWER:It will be a pleasure to answer this question because it did happened to me personally. When I discovered my husband's affair, I had found out that his not only admired this woman but he fell in love with her. And that is why he compared me to his "friend" aka mistress. The day he compared me to her was the day that I know, no matter how much we wanted to rebuild the relationship it will not work with me anymore. I will not be the second choice after his affair..

If a spouse wants clues to check them out financially checking credit cards to see if the cheating spouse is staying in motels or hotels; check phone records; bank statements or how much money the cheating spouse is taking out of the bank from a joint account.

That's your decision. First step would be marriage counseling.If the cheating partner is unwilling, the prospects don't look good.

I would just let them know how much I love them and tell them how much it hurts that they can't seem to trust me. I would also be suspicious of them cheating because alot of times cheaters get really paranoid that their spouse is gonna do it to them. Hope that helps.

No, divorce is just a way out sometimes. It depends on how much remorse the cheating spouse has, and if both are willing to work towards making it work. If the spouse who didn't cheat hangs it over the others head, then it definitely wont work. If the spouse forgives the other, and looks to a brighter future then nothing is impossible!

Yes. First because you are breaking your vows to your spouse. Second you are placing the person you are cheating with in a position where you cannot commit. Third, you are borrowing trouble for the rest of your life if a child is a result. Outcomes of dishonesty are seen as bad since they destroy relationships involving trust and are so much harder to work out of than to get into.

i think you are worrying to much about your husband cheating if you are having dreams. But whatever your dreams, it is not considered cheating, i think you need to trust him more, and relax.

Of course not ... chatting = conversation (talk) ... cheating = having an affair (sex) ... so, sex is not conversation ... talk is not an affair. Anyone is entitled to talk to anyone they so choose.Another POV:It can be. The idea that a sexual affair is the only form of cheating is a limited view. An emotional affair can be just as much a betrayal. If you are engaged in a chat/internet relationship with someone to the detriment of your physical, non-virtual relationship, then it is cheating.

Yes, often times a separation is a good thing when one spouse has had an affair. It gives each spouse a chance to stand back and reflect on how they feel and if they really love their spouse or whether to move on from the marriage. Once a spouse has cheated it is difficult to earn the trust back from the other spouse. Perhaps put a few months limit on the separation and then meet to discuss how both of you feel about each other. The quote, 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder' may apply in this case. Sometimes spouses don't know how lucky they are and how much they love their spouse until they are no longer there.

The only reason your spouse would have to interact with the woman he had an affair with is if they are in a workplace environment and unfortunately, there is nothing much you can do about this, but to tell your husband if he slips one more time you are filing for divorce.

It means you are probably on too much meds, and your wife is probably cheating on you because you are weird. K

Cheating is selfish; hurtful and the person cheating lacks character. If one is so unhappy with their spouse they have two options. #1: Sit down and actually communicate and start discussing the problems in the marriage and perhaps see a marriage counselor. #2: Realize that you and your spouse are never going to get along no matter how much you try and get a divorce. People who cheat want it all. If the affair doesn't work out then they can always go back to the financial security and safety of the home. Before one cheats they should ask themselves how they would like their spouse cheating on them.

You can trust someone when they look you in the eyes and say something, you can tell if someone is cheating on you because they don't hang around you much and are always too busy for you.

Below is a link to a discussion on how to check up on a cheating spouse online. Hopefully there have been some actual 'red flags' of cheating already occurring that prompted you to investigate:!&id=1007951 Have a key logger installed--some can record logins and passwords to accounts. Make your behavior seem as normal as possible; if a cheating spouse figures out he is being snooped on, he often will take his affair even more underground, and make it that much harder to discover.

If you dream about you having an affair with someone, it means that you have feelings for that person, that have to be hidden. If you dream about your other half having an affair it highlights your fears of being alone and abandoned, and that you feel that you are lacking attention. Dreams often express ideas and feelings through odd and uncomfortable symbols. A dream affair might not have any sexual meaning, but could illustrate the dreamer's concern about spending too much time, energy or effort on something other than the spouse / partner. For example, if the dreamer is putting in too much time at work, the subconscious mind could create a dream of "cheating" with a co-worker or supervisor, or something absurd, like an affair with a cell-phone. Too much time spent at church, or in sports or playing video games or anything else that takes the dreamer's time and attention away from the spouse can be portrayed as "cheating" in dreams.

Depending on the assets they have as a couple, probably not much more than the normal split. Freedom from a cheating spouse is guaranteed with divorce, though.

This is a very tough question and depends on, how much you love your spouse, how strong you are and how easy it is for you to forgive.

Personally, I think that if you knew the warning sign that your spouse may be cheating on you is first of all look for any clues. Look for any signs of too much phone talking, too much texting, always out, etc. If you knew the signs of your spouse cheating on you it would probably be best to just confront him and let him know and make sure that the evidence towards him is correct and that you are not falsely accusing him of something he didn't do. HINT: check his cellphone such as his text messaging, phone calls, etc. HOPE THIS HELPS :)y

If it is an ongoing thing, yes. Tell your spouse how much it hurts you , and if they continue , shove off.

If you don't trust your wife, divorce her. If you are having trouble trusting your wife, you may want to examine why you are having trust issues with her. Are you cheating on her? Many men stop trusting their wives when they start cheating on them because they feel she will do the same to them. Try talking to her about your trust issues instead of me. Without trust, you do not have much of a relationship and should consider alternative arrangements.

Once a spouse has cheated they have broken that bond of trust and cheating is cheap, selfish and unnecessary. If a spouse is that unhappy and feels they need an affair they are too immature to work on marriage problems or to handle reality. You would pretty much have to keep him on a tight rein to be sure he is not cheating on you and it's highly likely they are finding some way of keeping in contact with each other. The only way you can find out is to either follow him yourself with a friend and use the friend's vehicle or hire a detective to prove he is cheating. As far as the other woman she is probably terrified that you have found out. Keep him busy at home with chores during the weekend; go out for an evening; go for walks and at least the weekends will be used up. He could still have time to see her when he is at work so keep a keen eye in that area. It would also be wise for both of you to seek marriage counseling.

If you don't trust your husband when he is out of your sight, divorce him. If you are having trouble trusting him, you may want to examine why you are having trust issues with him. Are you cheating on him? Many women stop trusting their husband when they start cheating on them because they feel he will do the same to them. Try talking to him about your trust issues instead of me. Without trust, you do not have much of a relationship and should consider alternative arrangements.

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