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Q: How much carbon emissions does natural gas produce?
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How much carbon dixiode does an airplane produce?

every 2,062 miles travelled accounts for 1 ton of Carbon Dioxide emissions per person.

What is the worlds carbon footprint?

It depends how much energy and electricity you use in your life time. It measures your carbon emissions.

How much carbon dioxide does a cigarette produce?


What filter should you use to reduce carbon monoxide emissions?

carbon monoxide is a rich indicator, if you are producing too much, you have a fuel system problem.

How much carbon dioxide does a bus produce for each gallon of gas?

I can do this in metrics. One litre of gasoline (about 1/5 gallon) produces about 2.3 kilograms of carbon dioxide. Buses are usually more efficient in terms of carbon dioxide emissions per passenger than cars carrying just one or two passengers.

How much has the planet warmed from 1934 until today?

From 1934 until 2010, the last year we have complete data on, the planet has seen less than 0.2 degrees (C) of actual warming despite man's 80 times increase in carbon dioxide emissions. This is partially due to the small amount of overall emissions that man is compared to the rest of the planets natural emissions.

Will biodiesel clog the catalytic converter in a 2008 diesel truck?

Biodiesel emissions are much cleaner than emissions from conventional diesel. Carbon dioxide is reduced by 90%, sulphur by 100%, carbon monoxide by 10-50%, and hydrocarbons by 10-50%. The only emissions that increase are nitrous oxide emissions. However, this is counteracted by your catalytic converter. So the answer is no, boidiesel will not clog your catalytic converter.

Do cars produce a carbon footprint?

Yes. Your carbon footprint is the measure of how much carbon dioxide equivalent you, or any of your activities produce. A car burns petrol (gasoline) so its use has a carbon footprint.

How does a carbon footprint build up?

Your carbon footprint builds up as you become responsible for more carbon dioxide emissions. You can do this by buying a bigger car, or by using your air conditioning, or by driving to work instead of taking public transport. You can build it up even by eating more red meat!

Why would it help the environment to reduce the speed on motorways up to 70mph?

it wouldn't do much i guess it will lower carbon emissions

Annually how much carbon dioxide does nuclear power produce?

Total greenhouse gas emissions (most of it comes from carbon dioxide) from nuclear power is about 5.7 gCeq/kwh (grams of carbon equivalent per kWh of electricity produced). To calculate annual emission form nuclear power, you have to apply it to the electricity generation capacity of a nuclear power plant.

Do cars or houses produce more carbon dioxide?

Cars produce much more than houses.