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Anyone entering or leaving the US is allowed to carry any amount of cash or money equivilent. However if the total value exceeds $10,000 you must complete Customs Form 4790 and submit it to the Customs Post at the point of Entry or Departure. Be prepared to prove that the money is legitimately yours - Bank Statements etc.

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How much cash can one person bring to Mexico?

You can carry with you the equivalent of 10,000 dollars in cash. Higher sums of money will be taxed and must be declared; if you carry too much you will be subjected to interrogation.

How much us cash can one person bring into china?

limit 5,000 USD for foreign citizen and 2,000 USD for Chinese resident

How much cash can you go out with to Europe?

if u are one person its one thousand dollar cash

How much cash are you allowed to have at one time?

You are allowed to bring as much cash as you would like to carry into the United States, but any amount over 10,000 dollars must be declared. You can keep as much cash as you would like in your home.

When you go hunting how much people should you bring?

When you go hunting the only person that you need to bring is yourself. So the answer is one.

How much money did the richest person in runescape have?

max cash is around 2.9b to 3.0b No one is possitive

How much luggage may you bring on the airplane?

usually one per person or you have to pay extra

How much cash can one person bring into china?

You are permitted to carry a maximum of $5,000 US Dollars through customs at any airport within China. Monetary amounts over that need documentation and to be declaration at that airport's customs office.

After you write and sign your check who can legally cash the check?

The person or company the check is made out to. No one else can cash it. The person you wrote it to can endorse the check to someone else so they can cash it.

Where can I use my AC bank card?

In Gracie Gracie's you can use it because one shouldn't hold that much cash on ones person.

Can anyone cash the check besides the one that it's made out to?

No. The only person who can cash a cheque is the person to whom it was made out to. The bank will not pay cash to anyone else. However, if the person has given a legal power of attorney to another person, that person would also be able to cash the cheque because he is acting on behalf of the person to whom the cheque was given.

What is cash gifting?

Cash Gifting is a way for individuals to "gift" one another money where one person is the recipient of the gifts of many who come after them.

Who was the first person to bring something to India?

I was the one

How much cash withdrawal one day?

one day is 35.000

How much cash can you carry from Sydney to Melbourne?

You may carry as much cash as you wish from one city to another in Australia. There is no limit.

Where can one obtain a cash loan with no credit?

A person can obtain a cash loan with no credit from several different places. Some of these places include Fast Cash Advance, Cash Net USA, and No Problem Cash.

How do you bring a person back to life?

One word: Defibrillator

How much cash one can carry a flight to UK?

There is no limit to how much cash a person can carry on a flight to the UK. If a person chooses to carry more than $10,000 you will need to declare it upon leaving and entering the US with US Customs. You will also have to declare any amount over Û10,000 upon entering and leaving the UK.

How long does a person have to cash their taxes check?

You have one year to cash your federal check. Rules on state checks vary by state.

Where can one go to apply for a job at Cash America International?

A person can apply for a job at Cash America International online. A person can also apply for a job at Cash America at the corporate Field Support Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

How much cash is 7.21971 equals?

None. 7.21971 is a number and no one will give you any cash fora number!

How much cash can you bring to the Philippines from the US?

I have gone to the Philippines several times. Before they let off the plane, they give you a form to fill out saying how much cash you wish to "declare." On the form that i read it clearly stated that $10,000 was the maximum one could bring into the Philippines. I am not sure what happens to anything you might have over $10,000. Does the airline take it or does the Philippine government take it? I don't know. I don't think I want to find out...

How much is the cash advance fee of Capital One?

The cash advance fee on a Capital One credit card is 3% of the advance, with a minimum of $10.

How much trash does one person produce in one year?

it depends on how much a person eats or if the person recycles

What is the difference cash at bank and hand in cash and overdraft?

The difference between Cash on Hand from Cash in Bank is that the cash is on our hand while the other one is that cash is not in our hand but in the bank. Serioulsy, I really dont know. Thank you very much!

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