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Sorry hon. Rats don't rarely ever eat cheese. Right, Gladys?

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Is tony a rat?

no yesss he is a rat his favourite cheese is knob cheese hahaha tony the rat

How do you catch a smart rat?

with cheese

Who takes the rat in the farmer in the dell?

well........ i think the cat takes the rat and the rat takes the cheese

Name a cheese with a funny name?

Rat cheese, longhorn cheese (both types of cheddar).

Is a cheese mouse a mouse cheese?

there is no such thing as a cheese mouse its only a mouse or a rat, but some mice eat cheese

Rat cheese man cat One of these things doesn't belong Which is it?


How do you get the rat on poptorpica?

If you mean Poptropica, you can get the rat when you go to the castle and go to the left door, give the Moldy Cheeseto the rat, and he will come to you.

Can a rat eat cheese?

yes but it is very bad for them

How do you get the rat on Astro Knights Island in poptropica?

Use the moldy cheese you found in the dungeon.Then go to the lady's room in the castle put the moldy cheese on the floor. That is how you get the rat.

How do you help the mouse find the cheese?

Mice liking cheese is a myth. They actually dont like it. You think of any animal eating cheese and its a rat or mouse. Stereotyping. Use peanut butter or get rat and mouse bait..

What kind of cheese does a rat like best?

Cheddar cheese is what they like the most but they will hardly eat mozzarella.

One of these things doesn't belong in the same list Which is it Rat Cheese Man Cat?

Cheese (not alive)

How do you get your pet rat to move out of his cage?

You put cheese in the doorway

What is the climate of where a rat would live?

in cheese land lol

How do you catch a pelican?

by a rat trap. be sure to put cheese on it

How far away can a rat smell cheese?

At least a mile

What can you give your pet rat to snack on?

You can give it a piece of cheese to snack on. Honestly I don't think cheese is the best snack for a rat. I'd rather give it yogurt or sunflower seeds. That is what I always give my rat to snack on. So i guess you can try all three yogurt , cheese , and sunflower seeds and see what it likes.

If you own a rat can you train it to kill?

Yes you can train your pet rat to kill. But only black rats can be trained to kill. You must feed it a piece of cheese every time it bites someone to make it want cheese when it's bad. This is how you train it. With cheese.

Is Chuck-E-Cheese a mouse or a rat?


How do you get the rat in astro night?

get the cheese and set it down near you and when he comes out you get him

How do you trap a pet rat?

You could simply put your cage/box for him/her on the ground with a piece of cheese inside (yes, very cliche...) and close it once said rat is inside eating said cheese.

How do you get the mouse in Poptropica?

You have to get the cheese from the library. In the library, go down and on the first rack, there is a scroll and you can click on it. Go down and get the cheese. Go to the rat and use the cheese.

What kind of cheese can a mouse eat?

Mice don't have to eat cheese. But if you really really want to give it one, choose something where isn't much salt. Pepper is totally taboo! ;( I have a rat and sometimes I give him cottage cheese, it's the best choice! :)

What are the best fruits for a rat to eat?

so your rat is a fruitarian. any fruits wil do but they will surely love apples with grated cheese on top. can be done with bananas too! try it and tell me if your rat likes it or not. my rat is a vegetarian.

What do packrats eat?

depends on the tyep of rat, mostly cheese,wood,or insects