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58 million pounds, which is around $345 million worth of chocolate.

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2012-03-11 03:04:36
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Q: How much chocolate is eaten on Valentine's Day in America?
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How much chocolate is eaten each month in America?

1 million pounds

How much chocolate is eaten in Valentine's Day in America?

58 million pounds, which is around $345 million worth of chocolate.

How much money do people spend on chocolate for valentines day?

i think about.... 18 billion $. I'm not sure.

How much chocolate eaten over Easter?

The amount of chocolate eaten over Easter is much more than at any other time of the year, some countries consume more chocolate each year than others.

How much chocolate is in Switzerland that is eaten each month?

about 800000000000 pounds

How much chocolate is eaten a year?

agarage Americans eat about 11 pounds and 7 oz. is eaten a year

How much chocolate is eaten in the UK each year?

The United Kingdom is a large consumer of chocolate. They eat about 605,000 tons of chocolate per year on average.

How much chocolate do you eat a year?

depends wether you like chocolate or not. alot of choclate is eaten during holloween. and valintines day.

How much chocolate is eaten every year?

A lot! 2 billion pounds of chocolate is produced yearly, and 90 million chocolate bunnies are produced every year.

Were pharaohs and gods the only people that can eat chocolate in Ancient Egypt?

Chocolate was not around as far as I know in Ancient Egypt. Chocolate is created by the Cocoa plant, which is only found in south and central America. Because we have not found any evidence of trade between Ancient Egypt and Ancient Meso-America, there isn't much of a chance that chocolate was ever eaten by ancient Egyptians. Thus, pharaohs weren't eating chocolate, so the answer to your question is no. Not because everyone there ate chocolate, but because nobody there ate chocolate.

Does chocolate cause flatulence?

Indirectly yes. It can cause constipation if too much is eaten and that can cause flatulence.

What is a chokecherry?

A chokecherry is a cherry that is grown in North America. It is eaten raw, however it is much more desirous when eaten cooked.

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