How much coal is used?

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Coal is used many times. Coal is one of the reasons for the hypothesis of global warning.

Over 7000 million tons is used per year

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Q: How much coal is used?
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How much coal did the Titanic use?

Titanic used about 5, 900 tons of coal.

How much coal was used in the titanic journey?


How much coal was used daily on The Titanic?

620 tons

How much coal did the Titanic need each day?

the titanic used 850 tonnes of coal each day

Are hydroelectric as powerful as oil or coal stations?

Yes,once its used as much oil and coal power station

How much coal did the titanic need a day?

it used a lot of coal to heat your mom! (8,000 tons a day)

What would be used to measure a load of coal in a lorry?

well it depends, in most coal yards they have feeders that measure how much coal is put into the cars.

How much coal did the Titanic use one way?

it used 9000 bags of coal just to america .......................mohammed....... from hazelwick

When is coal mine used?

How did they used to coal mine

What are some products made out of coal?

There are various uses of coal out of which 85% of coal is burned to generate electricity. The ash is sometimes used in building products. Much coal is converted to coke, which is largely used to make steel. Some coal is used to make natural gas, and CTL (Coal to liquid) processes coming on line can make gasoline or diesel fuel. Coal is also used to make many chemicals, such as medicines, paint thinner, varnish, and insecticides. There are some bye-products of coal such as coal Tar , coal tar pitch

What is a carbon like substance that comes from coal which was used to make iron pure and much stronger?

Coke, a carbon rich of coal.

What is coal used for in Zimbabwe?

coal in Zimbabwe is used for many reasons. Some of them being heat (although that is not needed much in Zimbabwe) and most of it for electrical power in Zimbabwe.

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