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Any amount is to much. Don't do it

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How much money does pilots make in colombia?

Depends on the amount of cocaine they are flying.

How much money a year is considered poor?

The cost of living varies by a large amount depending on where in the world you live.

How much cocaine is too much cocaine?

25 Kilos

How much does a sixteenth of cocaine weigh?

How much does a 16th of cocaine weigh

How much is 7 grams of cocaine?

Enough to kill 2 and a half men

How much humidity is present when there is a large amount of water in the air?

A high amount

How much of cocaine is in a bump?

A "bump" is really just a means of snorting it. Instead of breaking up a line and snorting that, a bump is just a smaller amount of cocaine that you can put on the edge of a key for example and snort it.

How much cocaine is too much?

A dot of cocaine is far too much. ZERO or NONE is much better for your body and your brain.

How much do pageants cost?

An extremely large amount it also varies

How much was the titanic's tickets worth?

£100,00 that was currently the LARGE amount.

How much fat is in the mcdonadls french fries?

The amount of calories of fat in small fries are 90, as for large fries the amount of calories for large fries is 230.

What happens when cocaine is used when drinking?

cocaine will combine with the alcohol you are consuming while drinking and create cocaethylene in your brain, it is a large factor in future addiction as the brain will crave it over the alcohol or cocaine leading to a dual addiction problem. in the short term, cocaine will stimulate you so that you are able to consume more alcohol and not notice it's effects as much.

What did mia Wallace od on in pulp fiction?

HeroinShe snorted what would have been an ordinary amount of cocaine but since it was heroin, it was way too much.

How much was damage caused by mount tolbachik eruption 1975?

A large amount

What is a 4 letter word meaning a large amount?

many much lots

How much is a pound of cocaine?


How much is 0.8 grams of cocaine?

It's 800 mg, or about 30 "normal" lines of cocaine.

How much cocaine i enough cocaine?

The letal dose 50 for a mouse is 96 mg/kg.

How much is a sixteenth of cocaine?

One-sixteenth of an ounce of cocaine (or more likely, 1/16 of an ounce of cocaine mixed with something else, such as inositol).

How much per hour does a Mercedes tehnician make in NY?

A ridiclous large amount

Does plastic weigh anything?

Yes, the amount (how much it weighs) depends on how large the items is.

How much is 1.5ml?

1.5ml is not a very large amount and is a measurement of volume. This amount is usually used in labs when dealing with medications and drugs.

What did Albert Einstein do when he was 15 to be considered a genius?

At the age of 15, Einstein was considered slow, and wasn't expected to ever amount to much.

Is autstralia a continent or an island?

Australia is a continent as it is much too large to be considered an island.

How much does a zip of cocaine cost?