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How much coffee can you drink while pregnant?

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One cup (up to 12 ounces) is generally pretty safe. If you can avoid it all together, that's even better.

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Is it safe to drink coffee when your pregnant?

It is safe to drink coffee when you are pregnant. To much to be avoided.

How much alcohol can you drink while pregnant?

None. Zero. Zip. Nada. Do NOT do NOT drink alcohol while pregnant!

How much coffee can you drink when pregnant?

It can vary depending on your overall health. Ask your doctor.

Is coffee bad for you to drink everyday?

No but i you drink to much it can be!

How much water should you drink while being pregnant?

As much as you should drink a day anyway. Drink as much water a day as you can, but make certain that you do drink at least 8 glasses a day.

What are some of the worst things to do while your pregnant?

drugs,smoking,drink too much

Does decaffeinated coffee contribute to weight gain?

how much did you drink?! How much did you drink?!

Will drinking vinegar while pregnant harm the baby?

Absolutely not. Unless you drink so much that it harms you, and that has nothing to do with being pregnant

Can drinking Powerade while pregnant hurt the baby?

No, not unless you drink WAY too much of it.

Can drinking too much coffee cause anemia?

Yes, If you can drinking too much coffee cause anemia, Too much coffe is not good for health. you can avoid coffee. Per day you can drink only one cup coffee. no more than.

Do you get darker if you drink coffee?

No, but your teeth will eventually if you drink too much

Can a kid drink coffee?

yes as long as they dont drink to much

How much coffee do Americans drink?

Alot :]

What happen when you drink too much coffee?

Umm coffee does get you a bit drunk for example coffee is a addicting thing just drink one to two cups of coffee then you will be OK

Can drinking coffee harm the baby while im 7-8 weeks?

Only if you drink too much. I've had many "bad" things that I'd done and eaten while pregnant unknowingly and there are no birth defects at all with my son. I hope I helped!

How much should pregnant women drink?

This answer is culture dependent. In the US, women are discouraged from drinking alcohol at all while pregnant, but in France, it is encouraged that the pregnant woman drink one (1) glass of red wine a day.

What is safest amount of coffee?

none because coffee is an addiction you should not drink any because you could get hooked that doesn't mean that u cant drink ever you can drink once in a while as long as you remember not to drink to muchhope that answers your question and if it doesn't well that's to bad!!!!!!!

Is drink coffee bad for kids?

Yes as long as they dont drink to much

How much alcohol can you drink wile pregnant?

Dont drink alcohol if you are pregnant! It risks its life!

Can you drink fruit punch when you are pregnant?

Yes you can. Drinking punch while you are pregnant is okay, but drinking too much of it is not healthy for your baby because of the sugar.

What do you pee out if you drink too much coffee?


How much sperm do you have to drink to get pregnant?

It doesn't matter how much you drink, you can't get pregnant unless the sperm gets inside your vagina.

What happens if you drink too much coffee?

If you drink too much coffee, your heartbeat can increase. There could also be muscle spasms, anxiety and restlessness due to the caffeine.

What is sore nipples a sign of?

Well one thing it may come from, is being pregnant or it may come from to much caffeine to drink like soda or coffee

Why dishwasher detergents not cleaning coffee cups?

1. The dishwasher sucks, AND/OR 2. The coffee/drink which was in the coffee cup was too much for the coffee cup, or a chemical present in the drink stains the cup permanently.