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There is no answer to this question as every insurance risk is unique. Contact your Insurance Agents for a rate comparison.

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Can you change insurance policy as needed?

No, a insurance policy can not be changed.....rather it may be alter by assignment ( transfer of the ownership)...

What is the purpose of getting an insurance quote for a car?

The purpose of getting an insurance quote for a car is to find the best policy one can for the least expensive cost. Comparing several companies is best rather than just choosing the first one.

Will it be cheaper for me to add the new car to my current policy or for me to get a new policy to cover both cars?

It all depends on the insurance company you are with, each is different. In most cases it is cheaper to add a vehicle to existing insurance policy rather start over with another insurance policy.

Does Vauxhall insurance provide car insurance?

Vauxhall insurance provides car insurance. Their insurance policies focus on the consumers needs rather than trying to fit everybody into one policy category.

Is a 12 year old allowed to sweep floors in a hairdressers?

It rather depends on the liability insurance policy for the hairdressers.

Do the parents insurance go up if the child is 16 and gets a drivers license but does not drive the parents car?

If a child has a driver's license, the child has to be listed as a driver somewhere on an insurance policy. The child can have their own policy and then the parents rates would not go up. Usually it is less expensive for a child to be listed on a parents policy rather than getting their own policy. If the child truly is not driving a household vehicle than the only way for that child to not be rated is to turn in the driver's license. That should be fine since the child "isn't driving anyway". The child can still get a state I.D. that isn't a driver's license. If the child isn't going to drive there is no reason to list them. The previous is correct, just should have gotten an I.D. and not a drivers license. It may depend on the country or state. Where I am the insurance company would have no way of knowning if someone in you house got a drivers license without you letting them know.

If teenager isn't on insurance are they covered by parents policy?

NO, All drivers are required to carry insurance and be scheduled on an auto insurance policy. if he's not on the policy then he is not a covered driver. Although your company may be required to pay for an accident in which your uninsured teenager is involved. they would not be paying because he was covered, but rather they would have to pay due to the parents negligence in failing to obtain proper insurance for their teenage child and because they allowed the uninsured child to drive the vehicle. The insurer is often liable to pay for the negligence of the insured. Don't confuse this though with an assumption that the uninsured child was somehow covered simply because the insurer had to pay.

How do you find out the cash surrender value of a physicians life insurance policy?

There is generally not a special form used for a life insurance policy issued to a physician. That said, if you are concerned with the cash surrender value, a whole life insurance policy (rather than a term life insurance policy) is implicated. The cash surrender value changes (usually increases) as the policy matures. The amount of the cash surrender value is shown on a schedule on the declarations page of the policy. The declarations page is one of the first pages of the policy which identifies the insured, the policy number, the amount of policy benefits and other information.

Can I have Auto insurance without a car?

Ask an insurance company for a "broadform" policy. That will cover you for any car you drive. Yes, although it's rather pointless. Why pay for insurance on something that you don't even have or own ... there is no need. If you drive someone else's car, you are covered under their insurance policy, provided you have their permission to drive it.

What are the Documents you need for Getting Cashless Hospitalization?

The following are the documents you need for getting or rather using Cashless Hospitalization facility. They are:1. Identity Proof - like Drivers License, Passport (This is used to validate that the person asking for the feature is indeed the person who is covered by the insurance policy)2. Insurance Proof - Usually an Insurance Card or a Policy Document (This is used to validate that the person has a valid insurance policy and is currently active as on the current date)3. Proof of Sickness - Usually a letter or certificate from a Doctor who is treating the patient4. Proof of Treatment - Usually a letter or certificate from the Hospital that the patient is being treated in their premisesAn important point to note here is that, almost all insurance companies and policies have the cashless hospitalization facility. It is better if you confirm with the insurance agent about the availability of this feature before you sign-up for the policy.

You have insurance on your home but no replacement insurance What does this mean?

HOAIt means our policy is based on actual value rather than replacement cost. It means that the insurance company is not guaranteeing you the replacement of your home if it burns down. For example, your insurance policy limit is $200,000, but the cost of replacing your home is $210,000, if you had a replacement policy, the insurance would pay for the replacement of your home despite the fact that your insurance limit is only $200,000. However, the insured value at the time of the loss is usually required to be at least 80% of the replacement cost before your policy is covered on a replacement cost basis.

Best available tesco home insurance, worthwhile.?

The best available Tesco Home Insurance policy depends on your needs. Compare your current policy to the one you are considering. Make sure to compare "apples to apples" rather than an entirely different plan.

If your ex-husband got term life insurance on you when you were married and was awarded the policy at the divorce can you have the benificiary changed without telling him if he pays on it?

On most life insurance policies only the owner of the policy can make benificary changes. So it really doesn't matter who is paying the premiums, but rather who owns the policy.

Is there a time frame to own a life insurance policy with Monumental Life Insurance Company before it will pay?

In general, the proceeds of a life insurance policy are payable only upon death. However, if a whole life insurance policy is involved (rather than term life), the insured can borrow from the cash value prior to death. That said, such a policy will usually require that there must be a stated amount of cash value built up, and further, that only a set percentage of that may be borrowed.

Is Unitrin Direct an affordable brand of insurance?

Unitrin Direct claims they not only have competitive rates, but also offer a range of discounts. These include discounts for getting more than one policy with them, and paying in full rather than monthly.

Is a ho-a insurance policy the same as a ho-3 insurance policy?

No, they are not the same. HOA - Basic Coverage, is a Homeowners Insurance Policy Form "A", Also known as a HO1 policy. The HOA is the most common home Policy Form purchased in the United States. It is usually based on ACV valuation rather than on Replacement valuation in the event of a claim. Although it is generally the most affordable Home Insurance one can buy, it also tends to offer minimum coverages. HO2 - Extended Coverage, Also known as an HOB or Homeowners Policy Form "B" HO3 - Broad Coverage, is also Known as an HOC Policy, Homeowners Insurance Policy Form "C". The HO3 Home Insurance Policy is considered the Cadillac of Homeowners Insurance Policies offered in The United States. It is based on Replacement Coverage valuation and offers the broadest, most expansive coverage available but also is the most expensive.

What is meant by multi car policy?

When referring to a multiply car policy, commonly called multi-car for short, one would be referring to insurance coverage for more then one vehicle under one policy. This is a very common practice with most insurance companies to allow discounts for the policy holder. This also benefits the policy holder by having all vehicles under one policy rather then paying multiple bills.

How do you cash out a whole life insurance policy?

Just call the claims department at the insurance company and they will take care of you. Depending on your age and the face amount, it may be best to sell it rather than cash it in. Also, be careful, cashing in a policy may not be in your best interest.

Can I purchase a car insurance Arkansas policy online?

You can, indeed, buy a new insurance policy online. Just keep in mind that they might still require a little more hands on interaction. This might include things such as faxing information rather than emailing it.

Who regulates variable life insurance policies?

A variable life insurance policy is a type of whole life policy. The primary difference is that the policyholder can designate an investment vehicle, often a mutual fund, into which to invest. Therefore, the portion of the premium that accumulates as cash value does so within the mutual fund, rather than within the insurance policy. That said, since the product is fundamentally an insurance policy, the state department of insurance is the primary regulator. To the extent that a security is involved (the mutual fund), there may be co-regulation by the state entity that regulates securities, or by the Securities and Exchange Commission which is a federal body. A variable life insurance policy, or any other insurance policy, should be viewed as insurance and not as an investment. There may be some financial flexibility afforded by a product such as this, but it is fundamentally death protection.

Does Marsh Insurance bundle coverage?

Marsh insurance is one of the world's leading insurance brokers. When purchasing a policy from them, you do have the option of bundling coverages so that you can obtain all your insurance coverage from one broker, rather than going to different brokers for different coverage needs.

Japan's angel plan?

Its a population policy that rewards or rather doesn't demean working parents. Source- AP STAT HR

What if a parent taken out a policy but you don't know with who?

Assuming the question refers to a life insurance policy, and also assuming the parent is deceased, a child could request a search from the Medical Information Bureau. This would not give definitive results, but rather a list of companies with which the person submitted an application for insurance.

Will you have insurance with maiden name?

Well, it's in your own interest that you should not put your maiden name in insurance policy. Rather, your name with changed title after marriage should be incorporated to avoid any complication in the event of a claim.

Can you add a named driver on your insurance if you are unrelated and don't live in the same household?

You can certainly talk to your insurance broker about it, but I believe that it would be simpler for this unrelated person who doesn't live in the same household to obtain his or her own insurance, rather than being added to your policy.

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