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How much cubic feet in one cubic meter?

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1 cubic meter = 35.31 cubic feet

1 cubic foot = 0.02832 cubic meter

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One cubic meter equates to about 35.314 cubic feet.

There are 35.3 (35.3146667) cubic feet in one cubic meter.

1 cubic meter = 35.314 666 721 cubic foot

1 cubic meter is about 35.3 cubic feet.

one cubic meter is 35.3 cubic feet

if you mean how man cubic feet in a cubic meter the answer is 1 cubic meter=35.3146667 cubic feet.

There are about 35.314 cubic feet in one cubic meter. So:cubic meters x 35.314 = cubic feet

1 (cubic meter) = 35.3146667 cubic feet.

One cubic meter = 35.31 cubic feet.

These cannot be compared; "square feet" is a surface measurement; "cubic meter" is a volume measurement. Just as you cannot ask "How many square feet is a cubic foot?"

One cubic meter is equivalent to 35.23 cubic feet, or one cubic meter is equivalent to 1.35 cubic yards.

About 35.31 cubic feet 1 meter is about 3.2808 feet. 1 cubic meter is (3.2808 ft x 3.2808 ft x 3.2808 ft ) = about 35.31 cubic feet.

The mass of one cubic meter of water is 1000 kg. One cubic meter is equal to 35.3 cubic feet.

AnswerOne cubic feet = 40 Kilogram that is One cubic meter = 1411.50 Kg

One cubic meter = multiply itself by 3 times = answer 11.508 cubic meter = 11.508x11.508x11.508=1524.05

one cubic meter = 1000 L

Exactly one cubic meter of it.

25 lettr water cylender = how much cubic meter nitrogen

TMC means Thousand million cubic feet. MM3 means Million meter cube. One Meter is equal to 3.28084 feet. Hence one cubic meter is 3.28084x3.28084x3.28084 = 35.41607 cubic feet. Million meter cube MM3 is 35416070 cubic feet. or alternatively if 35416070 cubic feet is 1 MM3, then 1 TMC i.e. 1000,000,000 cubic feet is equal to 28.23577 MM3.

inconsistant units... cubic meter is the measure of a volume and square feet is the measure of area.

one meter square equal to 1/m of one cubic meter

About 35.3147 cubic feet or 4.1923 Hogshead.

1 cubic meter = 35.31564 cubic feet (rounded) 1 million cubic meters = 35,315,640 cubic feet (rounded)

A cubic meter is a cube with the length, width and height of 1 meter, equal to almost three feet.

1 cm3 (cubic metres) of sand is equal to 35.3 ft3 (cubic feet).

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