How much did My Best Friend's Girl movie make box office?

nKamryn and Adele are best friends

nAdele has a child to Nate… Kamryn's fiancé

nKamryn finds out two years after the child, Tegan, is born

nShe refuses to talk to either Adele or Nate

nTwo years later Adele writes Kamryn from her death bed

nAdele is dying from cancer and wants Kamryn to adopt Tegan

nKamryn decides to do the adoption

nKamryn sees Nate at the funeral

nThey start talking

nKamryn meets Luke at work and they begin dating

nKamryn has to choose between being with Nate or Luke

nTegan love's Luke, but Nate is her real father

nAfter some hard decisions, Kamryn, Luke, & Tegan are a happy family