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How much did Tiger Woods get at the masters?


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He made $300,000 and change


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Tiger Woods won $330,667 at the 2011 Master's Tournament.

Tiger Woods has won the Masters 4 times.

The event Tiger Woods played after The Masters was the Quail Hollow Championship 2009.

Tiger Woods last won The Masters in 2005 after beating Chris DiMarco in a playoff.

The first Masters Tiger Woods played in was in 1995. He finished in a tie for 41, but finished as low amateur.

He finished tied for 4th in the 2011 Masters

Tiger was 21 years old when he won his first Masters

Yes, he did it was his second of 4 Masters titles.

Tiger Woods won the 2000 US Masters.

Tiger Woods won the 1997 Masters at 21 years old, he remains the younger ever player to win The Masters.

no tiger came 2nd to trevor Immelman

Tiger Woods won 2 majors in 2005. The Masters and the British Open

Tiger Woods was 21 when he won his first major (The Masters) in 1997.

The 2005 Masters went to a play-off. Tiger Woods beat Chris DiMarco by one shot on the first play-off hole.

He has played in 14 Masters. From 1995-Present (2009)

Yes, he is playing in the 2010 Masters, his first tournament in 5 months.

Tiger Woods probably wanted to win the Masters because it is a major championship. Also because of all the great champions that have got to wear the green jacket. He currently has 4 Masters championships.

Masters- Mickelson, US Open- Geoff Ogilvy, The Open- Tiger Woods and PGA Championship- Tiger Woods.

He was 21 years old, the youngest player to win The Masters.

270 (-18) by Tiger Woods in 1997.

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