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In Toronto where I was living it was 6.60 Cad dollars


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1 dozen doughnuts today will cost $6.49

Cost for making a dozen donuts is 1.8 dollars. Therefore the cost for making 5 dozens is 9 dollars. This implies that the profit one gets after selling five dozen donuts is 10.95 dollars.

This depends on which store you shop at.

This depends on where you are shopping.

They are about 8 dollars for a dozen and 5 dollars for 1/2 dozen.

A dozen is 12. For an example a dozen donuts

A dozen is approximately $6 plus tax a single doughnut is 80 cents

I will ask my grandmother and will get back to you. LOL.

Since there are 12 units in a dozen, at 12 cents ($0.12) per dozen, a donut costs one cent ($0.01). So, 100 donuts would cost $1.00. I'd like to know what shop sells donuts that cheaply.

in bennington vermont it's $5.99 that includes tax

Well if you were to make donuts it would most likely after adding the cost of milk,eggs,flour,sugar,ext. it would cost about 8 to 10 dollars. personly I think you would be better off just buying a dozen at dunkin donuts of krispy cream. PS: French donuts are te best! Look up the recipe

A sugared donut would cost 49 cents per dozen in 1963

It all depends on what kinds of donuts you have. If its filled it will weigh more than plain donuts. In general a dozen donuts will weigh anywhere between 2-4lbs, more if filled and depending on toppings.

Depends how much the donuts at dunkin donuts are...How much are they?

This questions depends on which store and what date -- prices change over time.

It depends on where you buy them, not only the store, but the city. Also, different varieties of donuts can change the price as well. About 5 dollars is the normal price for a dozen at several cheaper places, but some of the more expensive might charge 8, 10, or even more for one dozen.

a dozen is 12 . usually like , 12 donuts all in a package together .12twelve

A dozen eggs in 1912 cost only $0.40 for one dozen

A box of Munchkins at Dunkin Donuts costs $5.99. A box of a dozen donuts also costs $5.99. This price is subject to change.

Depends on How many donuts your buying....

A dozen of eggs cost 48 cents in 1978.

a dozen eggs cost 20 cents in the 1970'

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