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In 1970 the price of 1 dozen eggs was $0.62

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a dozen eggs cost 20 cents in the 1970'

In 1970 a dozen of fresh eggs cost only 62 cents. Therefore, six fresh eggs would have only cost 31 cents in 1970.

A dozen eggs in 1912 cost only $0.40 for one dozen

A dozen of eggs cost 48 cents in 1978.

Well a dozen eggs cost around 0.26 cents in 1950. :)

eggs were .31 cents a dozon in 1965 a dozen eggs cost .35 cents per dozen

Eggs are not sold by the box, but the dozen and in California I am paying 4.99 a dozen.

in 1959, a dozen eggs cost an average of $0.89. In the same year, the minimum wage was $1.00 an hour.

In 1989 the cost of a dozen eggs was about 96 cents. The price of that item has approximately doubled in the intervening years.

The cost of a dozen eggs in 1990 was about one dollar. A loaf of bread was about 1.57 and milk was around 1.42.

In 1932, a dozen of eggs was anywhere between 10 cents to 30 cents.

one dozen of eggs cost 24 cents in the 1900's

On average a dozen eggs cost 18cents in the U.S. in 1932. In 1972 the average cost was 52 cents a dozen. In 2012 the cost had risen to $1.61 to $3.50 per dozen depending on size.

If eggs sell for 1.08 per dozen, then 12 eggs cost 1.08. 1.08 divided by 12 is $0.09, the cost of one egg.

A loaf of bread cost .20 in 1966. A stamp was .05 in 1966. A dozen of eggs was .60, and a dozen of eggs was .99.

The cost of a dozen eggs was 1.27 in the year 2005. That same year stamps were .37 cents and a gallon of milk was 3.21.

They average £1.50 GBP

About $2.50-$4.00. Depending on how fresh the eggs are and the quality.

eggs in the 1960's were 15 cents but it matters how much your talking about

A dozen eggs cost 65 cents. A gallon of milk was 82 cents. Hourly wage was around on average 75 cents.

It would be 1.59 for six eggs. So a total of 9 dollars for three dozen.

Would depend on exactly where you were, but in much of the US in 1932, it was about 18 cents for a dozen eggs.