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The price of a standard hard-cover book in 1940 was between $1 and $5. The price varied depending on the type of book mainly.Ê

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How much does twilight cost?

Twilight the book cost $13 (Paper back) $23.99 (harcover) New Moon the book cost $ 23.99 (hardcover) Eclipse the book cost $ 24.99 (hardcover) Breakind Dawn the book cost $ 26.99 ( Hardcover) The whole Saga hard cover will cost you about $88.99 (all hard cover) at Coles L.G & D.F

How much does twilight the book cost at Walmart?

the twilight book in paperback cost $5.50 at walmart and the hardcover of twilight is $9.00 at walmart

How much more does a hardcover book cost compared to a paperback book?

A hardcover book usually costs about $5 more than a paperback book (soft cover). This is an estimated cost which is higher because the materials it takes to make a hard cover book costs more, plus there is more paper used.

How much money does it cost to ship a hardcover book?

this all deppends on where you are shipping it from and to where, please be more specific.

How much does the Dream from your father book cost?

First, the title is "Dreams from My Father." It was originally published in hardcover in 1995. These days, you can buy it in paperback, hardcover, or in an electronic book; you can also buy it used. The cost to buy the paperback in the average book-store is about $13, but it may be less if you buy it on sale or at an online bookseller.

How much will the second book of the Heroes of Olympus book cost?

right now its going to be released.that means its gonna be a hard cover and will cost about 20$ for hardcover i wish it could be more cheaper...

A certain book cost 12 more in hardcover than in softcover If the softcover price is two thirds of the hardocver price how much does the book cost in hardcover?

Price of book in soft cover = x Price of book in hard cover= x+12 Since it is again given that the price in soft cover is 2/3 of hard cover, x =2/3(x+12) On solving x=8 Hence, price of book in hard cover is x+12 8+12=20

What is the new Harry Potter book how much does it cost and when was it published?

it's harry potter and the deathly hallows, paperback is $15, hardcover is 35$ published in 2007

How much does it cost for diary of a wimpy kid 5?

if you want the soft cover, it will cost you : $7.45if you want the hardcover, it will cost you : $13.78

How much does the Half Blood Prince cost in the US?

my copy which was a hardcover was $30

How much money does a paperback book cost?

Depends on the company that made the book and what type it is. Hardcover book covers are expensive and each page cost about 2c to make. 2c x 300 pgs = $6.00 + cost of cover. The economy is going up. The government was $$$ and so does the author, company and publisher of the book. Hope this helped :) I was asking this question and saw no one answered yours.

How much does it cost to buy a hardcover copy of Moby Dick?

about 25 bucks on amazon

How much would a used complete series of Harry Potter in hardcover cost?

I would cost about $195.00 at the full price on amazon

How much does it cost to ship a 400 page hardcover book?

To be honest I work in amazon and don't get caught in stuff that cost 59p because the postage for it is normally about £3.00$ but if you pay 5 pounds for something you will get it either free shipping or usually a pound.

What is a 1940 dollar worth today?

What cost $1 in 1940 would cost you $15.13 now.

How much for a Harry Potter book?

The price of a Harry Potter book can vary. The last book is most likely going to cost you anywhere from $20 - $50 (Canadian). However, paperback covers cost much less whereas hardcover, quality books cost more. The first few books are quite inexpensive, some can be found for only $5 (Canadian). Once again, it depends where you are buying it from and what cover.

What is the suggested retail value of the hardcover edition of 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'?

It is stamped $29.99 US inside of the dust jacket, but it usually cost less in the book stores.

How much do original hardcover hardy boys books cost?

It depends, the condition of the book and the year of its make. These original books depending on their condition can range from nothing to about $2,000. If they are from 1927-1940 and have their dust jacket in respectable and tear free condition. One rare hardy boys book, "While the Clock Ticked" can range up to About $6,000. You will be lucky to have some of these amazing books or to even find them in good and legible condition.

How much does it cost to buy Harry Potter and the orde of the phoenix?

$18.42 Hardcover (Online) $12.99 Paperback

How much did sugar cost in 1940?

Over the years, the cost of baking goods have risen. In 1940, the cost of five pounds of sugar was 26 cents.

Difference between histotical cost and standard cost?

Standard cost is the cost which is basis to measure the actual cost historical cost is the initial cost

How much did a TV cost in the 1940?

A tv costed $600 dollars in the 1940

What is the differences between standard cost and marginal cost?

The main difference between standard cost and marginal cost is that in standard cost a target is set and in marginal cost there is no target set. Marginal cost is the change of the total cost due to the quantity produced.

How much did a house cost in 1940?

A house in the 1940's cost 6, 660 thousand dollars. This is for a median house during this time. A car cost 800 dollars.

Is Standard Cost same as actual cost?

Standard cost is that cost which is budgeted at start of production while actual cost is that cost which actually incurred by business both of them can be same if actual cost incurred is same as allocated or determined in budgeting process using standard cost otherwise there will be difference.

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