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As an At&t employee, I believe I read 8 million/year with a multi-year contract.

ATT has cell phones at around $15 to $100.

depends what type of iPhone ur talking about.

I think it was $199.99 when it first came out.

The ticker for Att is T

Well it depends on what phone you have for example i have an Iphone 3G S which gets coverage anywhere and I don't notice much difference between normal att phone and Verizon but to answer your question att works better.

yes you can but only in an att phone.

its free you =] only at an at&t retail stores

About 8,000 kip; or 800,000 att.

the cost of the HTC aria is $110.

To is att in Swedish.For example to run is att springa.

how do I get free ringtones for ATT

Yes as long as the phone is att and has a sim card slot

Probably cost about $199 to @+$ 299

If you need to ask, you can't afford it.

Yes. ATT Bought Cingular.

5p = the awnswerjjjdll awesome dude rockin.

If you are AT&T and the person you are calling is AT&T, then it is free.

no most att sores are not open sunday

Can cricket flash ATT phones

An att is a subdivision of currency in Laos, equivalent to 1/100 of a kip.

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