How much did it cost to build the atomic bombs that landed in Japan?

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The cost to completely develop the nuclear weapon from the beginning of the war until 1945 cost America $20 billion. This includes the money they needed for research, materials, plants, and people. The bombs themselves cost $5 billion each, essentially making them the most expensive bombs to ever be dropped. Citation: Hewlett, Richard and Oscar Anderson. The New World: A History of the United States Atomic Energy Commission Vol. 1 1939-46. (Oak Ridge, Tennessee: USAEC Technical Information Center, 1972), pages 723-724.
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How much did it cost to create the atomic bomb?

The Manhattan Project cost 2 billion dollars, this includes thecost of the two bombs used as well as the test bomb. This would beabout 23 billion US dollars today. The develop

How much did it cost to drop the atomic bomb?

An atomic bomb of the 'Little Boy' type, which was detonated overHiroshima. The decision by the United States to use this bombagainst Japan in August 1945 is credited with end

How much did using the atomic bomb on japan cost for the US in World War 2?

It has been argued that the atomic bomb cost aound 2 billion dollars for the 3 bombs: 1 test bomb and the 2 actaully dropped. Almost every penny of that was spent on the indu

When did Japan start to build the atomic bomb?

During the occupation of Japan, following WWII, US military intelligence officers discovered several Japanese "Cyclotrons" (used during atomic research); photographs were take

How much does it cost to build a nuclear bomb?

Probably on the order of $100,000 and most are likely less. The majority of the cost is the high purity nuclear materials. . There are several major costs in building a nucl

Where and when did the atomic bombs land in Japan?

Nowhere, they were fused to detonate at about 1500 foot altitude (using a combination of RADAR and barometric fusing) to maximize the area of damage. . Little Boy exploded
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How much would it cost today to build an atomic bomb today like the one US dropped on Japan?

The first atomic bombs cost billions because they had to learn how to gather uranium and plutonium into a form that was good enough for a bomb and they had to design the bomb.
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How much does atom bomb cost?

personally i dont know but i guess.......a few billion. knowing howyou need to build it and the materials for it and well, when youtest it it is like waisted money. but a wais