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The cost of building a Labor Camp was Zero, Nada, Zilch. It was a profit making enterprise and here is how it worked: Joe gets a contract say to make widgets. He contracts with the SS for slave laborers who are skilled widget makers and pays the Nazi's a fixed price for each laborer for each day that he needs them. Joe's Widget Plant take the slaves and works them to death making widgets. He only feeds them enough to keep them productive and if they die, he contracts with the SS for more laborers. The profits made by the SS were enormous and more than adequate to cover the cost of establishing transit, holding and extermination camps. It was a win - win situation.


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No albert speer did not build the concentration camps however many historians and much evidence suggests that Speer had knowledge of/links with the camps, in particular the Dora Camp.

No not really, pretty much no one survived in the concentration camps .....sadly!

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Yes, 'the world' knew about the concentration camps, though probably not in much detail. However, the world had much less information about the extermination camps. Please see the related question.

Technically all camps were within the concentration camp system, there were labour camps, transit camps and extermination camps. Concentration camps were generally intended for civillians, initially just for criminals, but gradually more types were included. Extermination camps were established about seven and a half years after the first concentration camps. They were much smaller than the average concentration camps (Auschwitz is an exception as it was both), as they only held enough inmates that were needed to opperate the gas chambers/vans and the cramatoria.

The Nazis who killed the inmates and not much documents about the camps

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There's a misunderstanding here. Concentration camps did not lead to World War 2. Countries went to war for much more down to earth reasons. In fact, liberating concentration camps didn't figure anywhere in Allied war aims.

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deathcamps and concentration camps were spead all over central and eastern Europe

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No, British soldiers taken prisoners by the Gerrmans were sent to prisoner of war (POW) camps, where conditions were much better. A very small number of British prisoners - for example, some of those who kept on trying to escape - were sent to concentration camps. There were also a very small number who were sent to concentration camps by mistake.

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22 March 1933 saw the opening of Dachau concentration camp, amid much media publicity.

Well the effects of the concentration camps is that 15 million people was killed in them, Many people was traumatised from their experience in the camps, Twin childrens was experimented on. So basically everyone who was in it went to hell.__________That figure of 15 million sounds like a high estimate for all Holocaust deaths, using the 'pop' definition of Holocaust). The number of people killed in concentration camps and extermination camps is much lower.

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