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Q: How much did it cost to go into The Crystal Palace for The Great Exhibition?
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Related questions

How much did the crystal palace cost to get in?

Presumably, this questions means the cost to enter the palace when it housed the Great Exhibition. At this time, the original cost was £3 for gentlemen, and £2 for ladies. This was later lowered to a shilling a head for the general masses. The event came out with an excess of £186 thousand, money with went to, among other things, found the V&A and Science museums.

How much does it cost to visit the Crystal Palace in London?

The Crystal Palace doesn't exist any more as it burned down in 1936. The foundations are still visible in Crystal Palace Park in Upper Norwood, South London and admission is free.

How much did cost for 1851 great exhibition season ticket?

It costed 4 shillings for a great exhibition season ticket

How long did it take to build the crystal palace?

The enormous crystal palace went from plans to grand opening in just nine months and 2 000 men it cost £27 800.

How much did in cost to get into the great exhibition in 1851?

how much does it cost dudes

How much did it cost to get in to the Great Exhibition?

it cost around 5 pence

How much would a ticket cost for Exhibition of Speed Wheels if this was your first ticket ever granted in California?

How much does a exhibition of speed for a minor cost with minors present? How much does a exhibition of speed for a minor cost with minors present?

How much money does it cost to get into the exhibition?

to get into the exhibition it costs $130. True "or" Fulse?

How much do the rose parade tickets cost exhibition?

sometimes they could cost $10 or ma-bey15

What would be the cost for a crystal lamp?

The cost of a crystal lamp will vary greatly depending on the quality and design of the lamp. Some crystal lamps can cost about $125 but there are others that are well over $600. Home Depot carries a nice selection of crystal lamps.

How much would it cost to have a tour at Buckingham Palace?

If you wnt to go to the palace it would cost about 100,000 dollar's.

What was the cost of the buckingham palace?


Does gold cost more than crystal?

It depends on what crystal you're talking about.

How much did the Luxembourg palace cost?


Will the cost to install Crystal Windows increase?

The Crystal Windows website does not give an answer to this question. However, the cost of most services rise or fall as the cost of materials change so it is likely to change.

How much does it cost to stay at the Palace Of Lost City?

706 rand

How much would a one pound crystal cost?

That depends on what it's made of and the quality of the crystal.

How much money does a tiny piece of crystal cost?

it depends on the crystal as well as how small the piece is.

How much did buckingham palace cost?

GBP 1,33 Billion

How much does crystal Methamphetamine cost?

Your life.

What is the Center for Exhibition Industry Research?

is an umbrella organization that represents the entire exhibition and convention field. It sponsors research on the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of trade shows, has a resource center, and serves as a referral point for more specialized groups.

What other brand name other than swarkovski crystals?

There are Czech crystal from Czechoslovakia but not branded but 20 - 30% cheaper than Swarovski! Another great substitutes at cheaper cost!

What is in fishbourne palace?

In Fishbourne Palace you can see the excavated North Wing and one half of the garden. The other side of the Palace is unfortunately covered by houses and would cost millions to buy the land and dig it up.

How much did it cost to build buckingham palace?

GBP 1,33 billions

How much does it cost to get into Buckingham Palace?

is 75 dollar or 44.31 pound