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Q: How much did leif ericson weigh?
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Where did leif ericson land?

Leif Ericson landed in Vinland.

What is leif ericson famous for?

leif ericson discovered america!

Was leif ericson married?

Yes,Leif Ericson's was married

What was leif ericson's sponsor?

Leif Ericson didn't have a sponsor.

Who are leif ericson's sponsors?

Leif Ericson didn't have sponsors.

What was Leif Ericson's wife's name?

Leif Ericson's wife was named Thorgunna.

What country was leif ericson born in?

Leif Ericson was born in Iceland.

Who is Leif Ericson's mother?

Leif Ericson mother name was Thjodhild.

When and where did Leif Ericson die?

leif ericson died in 1020 and died in Greenland

What was Leif Ericson know best know for?

What was Leif Ericson best know for.

Who educated Leif Ericson?

Mother Fuc____k____ing of a Bi____t____ch. Who the f____uc___k is leif ericson?

During which years did Leif Ericson sail?

Leif Ericson sailed from 1000 - 1002.

What year did Leif Ericson reach America?

leif ericson reached America in 1000

What year did leif ericson explore?

Leif Ericson made it to America in 1005 A.D

What type of explore was leif ericson?

leif ericson was a Norse sea explorer :) if that helps

Is Leif Ericson still alive?

No. Leif Ericson was born in 970 and died in 1020.

What did Leif Ericson discover?

Leif Ericson discovered Vinland, in what is now Canada in North America

When did Leif Ericson leave to find the new land?

leif ericson found new land

What was Leif Ericson's last name?


Where was Leif Ericson born and where did leif ericson grow up?

Leif Ericson was born in Iceland. He spent his early life there. He moved to Greenland with his father, Eric the Red, when he was probably about 14 or 15.

Did Leif Ericson have kids?

yes Leif Ericson had one child. a boy named Thorkell Leifsson

What did Leif Ericson accomplish in and why?

Leif Ericson was an accomplished explorer. He found Greenland and founded several colonies.

Why do you have Columbus Day not leif ericson day?

Leif Ericson found Canada Columbus found Mexico The woodland Indians found America. Stupidly Leif Ericson didn't claim the land but Columbus did.

How do you spell leif ericson?

That is the usual Anglicized spelling of "Leif Ericson" (Leif Eiriksson Viking explorer, 970-1020 AD).

How long did the voyage from Greenland to vinland take leif ericson?

It cook Leif Ericson 3 weeks to get Vinland.