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Over 80% of San Francisco was destroyed

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How much did it cost to reconstruct San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake?

Reconstruction costs topped $50 million after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. The same reconstruction costs would be more than $20 billion today.

How much would it have cost to repair all the damage done from the great San Francisco earthquake?

The overall cost of the damage from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake was estimated at the time to be around $400,000,000.

When was the earthquake and fire of San Francisco?

The earthquake and fire of San Francisco happened on April 18th, 1906. there was much damage done to the city of San Fran. (You can go to Wikipedia for more information.)

How did scientists warn people about the San Francisco earthquake of 1906?

They didn't. The earthquake struck without any warning. Back in 1906 scientists had no idea how to predict eathquakes, and we aren't much better off today.

How much devastation did the San Francisco earthquake cause?

The S F earthquake of 1906 totally devastated parts of the city. There have been several since, but the next big one is still awaited.

Why did the San Francisco earthquake happen?

It happened in 1906. It was due to the fact that much of California is situated on the San Andreas Fault. Earthquakes happen in California regularly, though there hasn't been one as big as the 1906 one since then. It could happen at any time.

Could an earthquake destroy the earth?

yes,but only if the earthquake is as big as the world and goes around the world but the small earthquakes will not do so much damage

What earthquake was accompanied by extensive fire damage?

Many earthquakes have been accompanied by extensive fire damage. In modern times, 2 come to my mind. In the San Francisco quake of 1906, the resulting fire did arguably as much damage as the quake itself. The Tokyo 1923 earthquake also had extensive associated fire damage.

How much damage does earthquake cause?

Depends on the strength and where the epicenter is located. Earthquakes happen all the time, but they are small and we don't feel them. When a big one happens it can destroy everything located in a area. Look at pictures of the 1906 San Francisco quake and the destruction or the recent one in Japan. In Italy a few months ago a village hundreds of years old was destroyed and lives lost.

How much did the San Francisco earthquake of 1989 cost?

it cost them 6 billion dollars to repair

Where was san frincisco originally built?

San Francisco was originally built near Salt Lake City, Utah....no, I'm pulling your leg. San Fran was built pretty much where it is now - on the peninsula west of Oakland and south of Marin County. It was pretty much rebuilt there after the 1906 Earthquake/Fire as well.

How much of Japan did the earthquake destroy?

80 square miles. alot of cities and surrounding towns. the earthquakes epicenter was at the north east coast of Honshu Island.

Would it affect us if the Pacific plate split and how?

This would create an earthquake, and a subsequent tsunami that would destroy much of the west coast and southern Alaska.

How much damage did the San Francisco earthquake cause?

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What does Zeus do when he is angry?

in Greek, they believe that zues creates a earthquake under sea to make a tidle wave (tsunami). and destroy much land that is valuable to Greeks. That is why they praise him and remember him.

How much people did the Sendai earthquake destroy?

Nearly 400 people till now are dead. However, the casualties may increase from time to time. This question needs to be updated .

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