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of the $220.0 billion in coladrel put up a $210.0 billion was used. later $2.0 Billion was ued to fix the smock stack , plus $2.0 billion to put out fire's around the reactear's. account remanining $6.0 Billion of privet money.

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Q: How much did the Chernobyl disaster cost?
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How much money did the Chernobyl disaster cost?

18 billion rubles

When was the Chernobyl disaster?

The Chernobyl disaster happened on 26th April 1986.

What caused the Chernobyl disaster?

this was rote by amandaTHE Chernobyl Disaster was caused by a reactor.

Was the chernobyl disaster during the war with the US and Iraq?

The Chernobyl disaster took place in 1986.

What famous disaster happened at Chernobyl in Russia?

There was no famous disaster (or anything else) at Chernobyl in Russia as there is no such place. However for the disaster that occurred in Chernobyl in the Ukraine, please see the related question.

What time did the Chernobyl disaster occur?

The Chernobyl Disaster happened on April 26, 1986 at 1:24 AM.

Which national disaster is Chernobyl famous for?

Nuclear Disaster

What is a man made disaster?

The Chernobyl disaster is an example of a man made disaster.

What is man made disaster?

The Chernobyl disaster is an example of a man made disaster.

What is an effect of a nuclear disaster on chernobyl?

There are a few effects that the nuclear disaster had on Chernobyl. Some of the effects are radioactivity, food and livestock.

Who was affected by the chernobyl disaster?


What has been done to prevent another 'chernobyl disaster?

The primary solution preventing another Chernobyl disaster is to build a proper containment building. The damage would have been much less if there had been such a building.

Was Chernobyl a chemical disaster?

No.It was a nuclear disaster that happened in 1986

What country did the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster happen?

The Chernobyl disaster occured in the country of Ukraine (Pronounced: yew-KRAYN), which is located in southeastern Europe.

How much money damage was there to the Chernobyl disaster?

About 18 billion rubles, which crippled the Soviet Union.

What towns were mos affected in the chernobyl disaster?

The most affected towns were Chernobyl and Prypiat.

What nuclear disaster did CNN have exclusive video on in the early 1980s?

The Chernobyl disaster

What country was chernobyl in at the time of the disaster?


What is the world's largest nuclear disaster?


Chernobyl in Russia is famous for which disaster?


What is a worst nuclear disaster in history?


How did the Chernobyl disaster affect community?

It had to be evacuated.

How much did chernobyl cost to repair?

23$ million dollars

Where is the Site of the world's worst nuclear disaster?

The world's worst known nuclear disaster was at Chernobyl, in the Ukraine. The Chernobyl Disaster, as it is called, happened on April 26, 1986. There is a link to a Wikipedia article on this below.

The disaster at Chernobyl has led to?

The disaster at Chernobyl led to the evacuation of people from the area due to dangerous radioactivity readings. Chernobyl is now an abandoned City and the wildlife around the area collect high levels of radioactive particles.