How much did the atomic bombs 'Little Boy' and 'Fatman' weigh?

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The Little Boy weapon which was the first of the atomic bombs that was deployed (and was dropped on Hiroshima) weighed some 8,818.49 pounds, or 4,000 kilograms. A link is provided below.
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How much did the atomic Bomb weigh?

Bad Answer Jul 16 1945 Trinity 19 Kilotons Test Aug 6 1945 Little Boy 15 Kilotons Bombing of Hiroshima, Japan Aug 9 1945 Fat Man 21 Kilotons Bombing of Nagasaki, Japan

How much does an atomic bomb weigh?

This varies with design. The lightest is in the range of 50 pounds, the heaviest was over 500 tons. Exact weights for many devices are typically classified. The 3 devices ex

How much did the atomic bomb big boy weigh?

There was no atomic bomb called Big Boy . Perhaps you are confusing it with a restaurant chain that bombed :-) The two atomic bombs used in combat were Little Boy & Fat

Which atomic bomb had a bigger explosion fatman or little boy?

If you mean the power (In terms of similar to how much Kilotons ofTNT), then it is fatman is about 22kT whereas little boy is about13kT. If you mean which has created more cas

Who invented the atomic bombs Fatman and Little Boy?

There was no single inventor of the Little Boy gun bomb method, asthat method was an obvious means of assembling a supercriticalmass. Seth Neddermeyer was the inventor of the

How much was the little boy bomb?

I don't know if you mean size and weight or the cost of the little boy bomb. The atomic bombs cost over 2 Billion Dollars. Divide that by three and you will get the individu
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Who signed the Fatman atomic bomb?

Only two person knew about the mission's details. The rest of thecrew learned of the destruction when the weapon detonated. Theycould believe what they saw.
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How much weight did the bomb little boy weigh in kilotons?

Little Boy weighed 4.85 tons and had an explosive yield of about 15 kilotons TNT equivalent. If you really want Little Boy's weight expressed in kilotons it was 0.0
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How much gunpowder was used in the little boy Atomic bomb?

The specifications reveal the use of four canisters of cordite (synthetic propellant) in the Little Boy (guntype uranium device). Unclassified details list 4 silk bags, eac