How much did the wars cost the US?

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Trillions of dollars over the course of our country's history.
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How much did the Vietnam War cost?

Cost of Vietnam War The Vietnam War ended up costing the US around $584 billion. Here is more input from others: . $30 billion in 1969 . The real cost of Vietnam? For 58,000 Americans it cost themeverything: The chance to ever see their families again, theirchance to have a future, their chance ( Full Answer )

What war was the most costly and how much did it cost?

The Vietnam war claimed 50,000 U.S soldiers and cost the U.S $200 Billion. Do not know if this is the most costly (I suspect it isn't), maybe others can add to this answer with similar stats for other wars. Additionally, this is only the cost from the American side. The real cost of the conflict mus ( Full Answer )

How much did the Revolutionary War cost the newly formed US?

Actually, at the end of the Revolutionary War, the infant countrywas $25 million in debt to other countries and to wealthy personswho loaned much of the money that financed the War (when thegovernment assumed all the debts it came to 79 million dollars, butassumption is another day). The Dutch, now ( Full Answer )

How much did World War I cost?

By the end of world war 1 the United States had spent about $32 billion. United States : $22,625,253,000 Great Britain : $35,334,012,000 France : $24,265,583,000 Russia : $22,293,950,000 Italy : $12,413,998,000 Belgium : $1,154,468,000 Romania : $1,600,000,000 Japan : $40,000,00 ( Full Answer )

How much did World War 1 cost the US?

WW1 Costs . 1 billion dollars. Actually, World War I cost $338 Billion Dollars. Sorry, but you aren't Dr.Evil. "I want one billion dollars!!"

How much did the Vietnam war cost the US?

You ask a challenging question; the answer depends upon how you do the accounting. There are a lot of different "costs" being reported by different sources, many of whom did not get their information from reliable primary sources.. What items should be included in the "cost"? And do you use the val ( Full Answer )

How much has the Iraq war cost to date?

The War in Iraq has currently cost the United States approximately $656 billion . 10/22/07 Bush asked Congress on Monday for $189.3 billion to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan . Bush's request covers military operations for fiscal 2008, which began on Oct. 1, the White House said. If approved ( Full Answer )

How much money did World War 2 cost the US?

Hundreds of billions of dollars. The US citizens bought something like 183 billions of dollars worth of war bonds. The atomic bombs cost over 2 billion dollars. Have heard a figure of 2 million billion dollars but it is doubtful that figure could be correct because life was lower costing then.

How much did the Iraq war cost?

The Iraq war cost about thousands of dollors know one is for sure but that is what has been said. I think you'll find the Iraq war cost a bit more than a thousand dollars I heard on the BBC News tonight that it cost the US one trillion dollars!

How much will it cost to end the Iraq war?

Answer . The approximations are not clear. It all depends on what operations are to be performed to end the war, plus what is the definition of ending a war. Iraq problem is that there are abour 20 different interest groups - nationalities, religions, other - that have different interconnections ( Full Answer )

How much money did the Korean war cost?

The Korean War began on June 25, 1950 and ended in July 1953. Atthe end of the war it is said to have cost the United States ofAmerica sixty-seven billion dollars to have financed the war.

How much money does a war cost?

Answer . A whole lot of money. You need to pay the soilders, get supplies, and still be able to support your own countryand sooo much more.

How much did the war of 1812 cost?

The War of 1812 cost the United States over 100 million dollars.The War of 1812 lasted until December 24, 1814.

How much did the war against terror cost?

So far it has cost 570 billion and still rising. So far it has cost 570 billion and still rising. So far it has cost 570 billion and still rising. So far it has cost 570 billion and still rising

How much does war cost?

It depends on how many troops you pay and what you use to fight with.

How much did using the atomic bomb on japan cost for the US in World War 2?

It has been argued that the atomic bomb cost aound 2 billion dollars for the 3 bombs: 1 test bomb and the 2 actaully dropped. Almost every penny of that was spent on the industrial infrastructure needed to make the bombs. The cost of the bombs themselves was virtually negligible compared to that. 2 ( Full Answer )

How much do civil war forts cost?

The Civil War Forts costs will vary depending on a number offactors. These serve as historic sites and admission fees may startfrom $6.

What is the cost of all wars of the US?

The cost of all wars in the US is trillions of dollars. World WarII cost $4.10 trillion, Vietnam $738 billion, and the Iraq war 1.2trillion.

How much did the Iraq war weapons cost?

As we sit today Mike, Dan and Daniel, we asked ourselves the question, how much did it cost, or is still costing for the Iraq war. Simple answer is its still costing but as of 9.44am Australian eastern time on Sunday 10th May is has cost America financially $667,663,394,864.00 This does not include ( Full Answer )

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How much has the afghan War cost?

Do you mean in money or men? Well we are trillions of dollars and pounds in debt. We have also lost hundreds and thousand's of men in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Why did the Vietnam war cost so much?

In WWII, the US dropped approximately 2 million tons of bombs. In Vietnam, the US dropped approximately 7 million tons of bombs.. In Vietnam, the US lost approximately 8,000 helicopters and 2,000 winged aircraft, primarily jets. Multiply each one at just under a million dollars apiece. F4 Phantoms ( Full Answer )

How much money did it cost to pay for the war?

The cost of the war in the middle east has cost the United States $861,543,600,000.00 since 2001.. (As of May 27th, 2009).. Visit for current numbers.

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