How much did the wars cost the US?

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Trillions of dollars over the course of our country's history.
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How much did the Revolutionary War cost the newly formed US?

Actually, at the end of the Revolutionary War, the infant countrywas $25 million in debt to other countries and to wealthy personswho loaned much of the money that financed th

How much did World War I cost?

By the end of world war 1 the United States had spent about $32 billion. United States : $22,625,253,000 Great Britain : $35,334,012,000 France : $24,265,583,000

How much did World War 1 cost the US?

WW1 Costs . 1 billion dollars. Actually, World War I cost $338 Billion Dollars. Sorry, but you aren't Dr.Evil. "I want one billion dollars!!"

How much did the Vietnam war cost the US?

You ask a challenging question; the answer depends upon how you do the accounting. There are a lot of different "costs" being reported by different sources, many of whom did n

How much money did World War 2 cost the US?

Hundreds of billions of dollars. The US citizens bought something like 183 billions of dollars worth of war bonds. The atomic bombs cost over 2 billion dollars. Have heard a f

How much does war cost?

It depends on how many troops you pay and what you use to fight with.

How much did using the atomic bomb on japan cost for the US in World War 2?

It has been argued that the atomic bomb cost aound 2 billion dollars for the 3 bombs: 1 test bomb and the 2 actaully dropped. Almost every penny of that was spent on the indu

How much does halo wars cost?

Depends on where you buy it. Different places have different cost. But if you want cheap, I suggest Ebay because my mom is a seller on there and most stuff she buys from there
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How much did the Persian gulf war cost to the us?

Which Gulf War? The US was involved with all three of them.. 1. Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988. 2. Operation Desert Storm Jan/Feb '91. 3. Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003
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How much has the afghan War cost?

Do you mean in money or men? Well we are trillions of dollars and pounds in debt. We have also lost hundreds and thousand's of men in Iraq and Afghanistan.