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Most Maltese are expensive and a purebred purchased through a reputable breeder will cost anywhere from $600 to $5000 or more.

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Maltese Puppies can cost from $800 to $6,000. But most Maltese cost about $1,200. I have 3 Maltese puppies that cost $1,500 each, so that equals to $4,500. One is a girl and 2 are boys. Lexi is the girl. The 2 boys are Rufuss and i named one after Taylor Lautner. There are so adorable. I LOVE THEM TO DEATH.
Maltese usually start from $500-$800, an average Maltese is about $1500-$1700, and a show quality Maltese can range from $2500-$5000 (which is a lot of money).... but if you are considering adopting one, it will be somewhere from zero dollars-$200 (depending on age and health of the dog).

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Can you by Maltese dogs that cost less?

Try RSPCA, all the dogs there deserve a good home.

What are Maltese used for?

What are Maltese used for? Maltese Dogs are tiny (7 pounds or under) companion dogs.

How much work are Maltese dogs?

Maltese puppies seem like fun and cute, and cozy dogs. They dont seem like much work. I dont hv one but they seem adorable.

What do Maltese like to do?

maltese dogs and puppys sleep

How much does a teacup Maltese puppy cost?

Maltese puppies can cost any where from 1000 to 10000 so it really depends on who and where you but it. :) Hope i helped.... :)

How much cost Maltese dog?

It depends they can cost between 600 and 10000

How tall are Maltese dogs?

Maltese are about 25 cm tall.

Are Maltese dogs intelligent?

i have a Maltese he's pretty smart.

Which dogs do not shed so much?

There are hairless dogs around which you can get. Chinese crested dogs and Xolo dogs are some examples. But surprisingly poodle and Maltese owners claim they do not moult much!

Are Maltese non allergenic?

Maltese dogs belong to dog breeds for allergy sufferers because they don't shed much. They are not just companion dogs but also therapy dogs. Here's more info: http://dogtime.com/maltese.html

Are there a lot of Maltese dogs in Malta?

If they are born there (or are naturalized citizens) they are Maltese.

Do Maltese dogs like biting?

If you train your Maltese correctly, it won't bite.

Why do Maltese dogs lick there paws?

well we have a Maltese x who does that due to something he his allergic to. Maltese dogs are really sensitive ot their surroundings so check there isn't something irritating him/her.

Are Maltese dogs barkers?

yes they are guard dogs and really cute :) :)

Can Maltese dogs live outdoors?

Yes. It might not like it as much as being an outside dog though.

How much does a Lhasa apso mixed with a Maltese cost?

free to $3500 USD, depending where you get it.

Why are Maltese dogs lickers?

Because they love you.

Why were Maltese bred?

They were bred to be lap dogs

What is the length of a Maltese dog?

Maltese dogs are compact dogs, with their length equal to their height, which would be 8-10in. for males and 7.5-9in for females.

Which dogs can stay in flats?

Small dogs/toy breeds such as a Yorkie and Maltese

Do teacup Maltese dogs exists?

A teacup Maltese is a Maltese that is specially bread to be tiny (but they are bread to be so small that they have lots of health issues) so yes, a teacup Maltese exists.

Is it possible to find a Maltese for free or little cost?

Yes, it is possible to find a maltese for free or very little cost.

How big does a teacup Maltese grow?

A Maltese is a recognized breed, but a teacup Maltese is not, so there is no official size for these very small dogs. Typically a teacup Maltese will not weigh over three pounds.

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