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How much do Ocelot kittens cost?


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baby Ocelot kitytens cost $1,500 baby Ocelot kitytens cost $1,500

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a grown healthy Ocelot cost up to 2,000,000

ocelot kittens stay with their mothers till to they are 2 years old

An ocelot can not be bought since it is a wild animal. They are not sold to the public.

the jaguar! ocelots beware! Snakes, Eagles, Jaurars and Lions will eat Ocelot Kittens. But the main preditor is Humans!

to much for you. you can't buy

The OCELOT can mate year round and can have 1-3 kittens on average. Please learn about this amazing animal!!! GO to 'DA OCELOT' for more info on the amazing cat.

Ocelot young can be called either cubs or kittens.

They cost from 200$ to 250$ on average.

Baby ocelots may be called kittens or cubs.

Russian Blue kittens can cost anywhere from $400 to $700.

They go from a range of 200 to thousands of dollars

Some kittens are only £20, if you get them from a rescue place. However others can be much more expensive. Pedigree kittens cost a lot more...they normally cost something like £250-£500. And remember to love your kittens as they will need more money to pay for their vet costs and other accesories/neccessary items they need.

An ocelot weighs about 15-17 Pounds

Flame Point Ragdolls kittens can cost upwards of 1,000 dollars as of June 2014. The exact price varies depending on the seller.

The ocelot mates year-round. About 70 days after mating the female gives birth to one to three young. The female makes a den in the brush. She leaves the kittens at night to hunt for food, but she spends the day with them. The kittens begin hunting with their mother when they are about three months old. The kittens may stay with the mother for up to a year. By: Waddy Htun Naing

Kittens have been adopted out for $1000 for most of the breed's history.

There are a variety of breeds of exotic short hair kittens, and prices of kittens vary. They can start at around $600, and go upwards of several thousand dollars.

Mine were each $700.00, but I guess it depends on the breeders quality.

A Cheetah and a Puma cross breed to produce an Ocelot. It will cost you 440,000 coins and take 44 hours

A grown Ocelot weighs on average about 24 to 35 pounds, and the normal litter is 1 to 3 kittens, more rarely 4 kitten litters. The kittens are born blind and helpless, weighing on average between 7 and 12 ounces each. Most kittens are small enough to be held in one hand easily when first born, but grow very quickly if the mother is healthy, and has access to a good hunting range. For more details, see the sites listed below.

That depends on which type of kitten you take. Sometimes they are free and sometimes 15,000 dollar.

Kittens rabies vaccines cost anywhere from $25-50 per kitten, depending on many factors. Different vets have different prices. An Animal Charity organization may charge less.

The ocelot, because it is a predator, and much stronger than the sloth.

The cross breeding between a Cheetah and a Puma will create an Ocelot in Tap Zoo. It will cost you 440,000 coins and will take 44 hours

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