How much do Real estate brokers make a year?

The income of real estate brokers vary with location in the country. It also depends on how the real estate market is right now. The answer to your question is they make very little right now.

In real estate you can make from zero to millions, Donald Trump is a real estate mogul. In real estate, the only time you make a cent is when you close the deal. You sell nothing you make nothing. The factors that determine your income are your talent for sales and your ability to choose profitable deals; whether you work the high end of the market, the low end or somewhere in the middle; how the real estate market is fluctuating at a given time, as stated above.

When you are starting out in real estate, you should be prepared to make nothing or next to nothing for a while. You also will have to be the type of person who can budget your income as it comes in at irregular amounts and intervals. Talented and savvy people can do quite nicely in real estate.