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Q: How much do SHETLAND ponies eat a day?
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What animals eat shetland ponies?

Shetland ponies do not live in the areas with animals that would consume them. Lions, Panthers and Leopards would eat Shetland ponies if they were in the same area.

What do shetland ponies eat?

Shetland pnoies eat the same food that other ponies eat. Like hay, grain, and grass.

What do shetland ponies eat in wild?

They eat mainly grass. Shetland is mainly grass and heather, but as the ponies can be greedy, they may eat young springs off bushes and any crops planted by farmers.

Does a Shetland pony eat flowers?

All ponies will eat some kind of flower. Not that they are very good for them- keep them on grass and hard feed.

Do French people eat ponies?

Although there is a quite small consumption of horsemeat in France, most French would not make a fuss about it. But that meat does not come from Shetland ponies or the like.

Is the shetland pony a herbivore?

All horses are herbivores - they eat grass and some other pasture plants. Shetland ponies are used to a very tough climate and can survive on less palatable plants than most other horses, but they are still herbivores.

How often do ponies eat?

Ponies and horses are all designed to eat throughout the day. Ponies and horses that are kept in a stable or paddock without grazing will need to be fed a minimum of twice daily, and preferably three times each day or more.

Do shetland ponies prey on other animals?

No, they are herbivores which means they only eat plants. However they may harm animals if they come near them, depending on the attitude of the horse.

Can Shetland ponies die from something?


Will a horse eat a pony?

Are you kidding?! Horses don't eat meat of any kind!! and they are definitely not canibals! The answer is: NO they will definitely not eat their fellow companions. Else it wouldn't be safe to put a 16.2hh with a miniature shetland pony. But people do and nothing happens so they definitely don't EVER eat ponies.

Do ponies eat apples?

Yes ponies and horses eat apples.

What do the three trolls in 'The Hobbit' like to eat?

The three trolls liked to eat ponies.

How much can a preson eat in a day?

Depends on how hungry you are. But you'll be amazed how much you can actually eat.And most ponies don't even realize how much they eat. They're bodies are adapted and don't put on the weight, unless you eat about 3 McDonald's a day.For me though, I'm quite skinny. But, as I said - it depends how hungry you are.

What do ponies like to do all day?

Well, ponies being ponies, they like to eat. Turn them out, they'll play and eat grass. Be careful when doing this though, because those with shoes may pull them off. If they're in their stall, I guarantee that their ears will perk up when they see you coming with food.

Do ponies eat meat?

I think that ponies might eat meat but they are like horses so they just eat grass.

What does dartmoor ponies eat?

Dartmoor ponies are native to the British Isles. Dartmoor ponies chew on bushes and trees, right down to the shoot but they don't eat them.

Are Shetland Ponies nice?

Well Shetlands pony are stubborn little, creatures that are strongand eat nearly everything but kind of cute and getting close to one is going to pay of.Yes they are kind but have different personalities...

Is it wrong to eat ponies?

Yes it is wrong to eat ponies unless youre in the middle of nowhere and absolutly HAVE to.

What do Icelandic ponies eat?

Usually the same as other types of Ponies.

Can ponies eat peanuts?

No. Ponies and horses should not eat peanuts. Their stomachs do not digest them well. They can develop impaction colic.

How does a shetland pony eat?

With its teeth.

Do Shetland ponies copy what other animals do For example if they are raised with dogs do they act like dogs if they are raised by horses do they act like horses?

No, they do not exactly act the same. They act as their own breed. Though there was one shetland pony who grew up with dogs and he fetched sticks, played with the other dogs and rolled over to have his tummy tickled. In a way Shetlands can act the same as dogs, but only a bit ANSWER 2 Shetland ponies are very much like two year humans. Their favorite concepts are "no" and "mine". They are notorioulsy stubborn. They LOVE attention in any form. However, no matter what their behavior, a shetland is still a horse. The pony will still eat hay, and roll in the dirt to shed hair and keep flies away. Shetlands need their hooves trimmed regularly and if they over-eat new grass, they tend to founder. So even if they gain attention and can distract their master from a task by behaving like a dog, they may adopt whatever behavior works for them. However, they still have very "horsey" behaviors.

How much is it to keep and feed two shetland ponys?

The cost will vary from year to year as prices fluctuate and according to where you live and the prices in that area. Shetland ponies typically weigh about 450 pounds and ponies should eat roughly 1.5 to 1.8% of their body-weight in feed daily (it's 1.5-3% for horses) This works out to 7 to 8 pounds of hay per Shetland per day, or 5,840 pounds (using the 8 pounds per day) per year for both. In my area that would cost $1,314 dollars per year in hay. Shetlands typically don't need hard feeds, but you should add a vitamin and mineral supplement to balance out the forage, this can run from $50 to $1,000 per year according to which product you use. Farriers often give discounts for small ponies but budget for no less than $30 per trim and 12 trims per year, which would run $720 for two ponies. Vaccines, vet visits and dental care can run about $900 per pony per year, so $1800 per year total. Then add another $500 for things like dewormer, sand colic treatments, fly spray and the like. This brings a total up to $4,384 for the year so far and does not include bedding or possible boarding fees.

Where is a ponies habitat?

a ponies habitat is mostly in a field or paddock with plenty of grass to eat

What do ponies like to do?

Eat :)