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Baby chinchillas cost anywhere between $60 and $100 depending on where you get them.

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Go down to Texas and buy one. Then you'll know.

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Q: How much do baby chinchillas cost?
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How much would baby chinchillas cost at the least?

the anwers is i dont now

How much do baby chinchillas cost in NJ at petsmart?

50-65 dollars. sometimes less :]

How much do female chinchillas cost?

Pet chinchillas cost from $75 to $250, depending on the color.

How much do chinchillas cost in pounds?

About £80 to £100.

How much does chinchillas usually cost in pet stores?

chinchillas cost around $100. Though it matters where you buy it, and wat there coat color is.

What are baby chinchillas named?


Can baby chinchillas walk when they are born?

Yes they can!

Do chinchillas make better pets than rabbits?

No chinchillas are aggressive and rabbit can too but not as much as chinchillas!

What is the size of baby chinchillas?

5 feet including their tails if they are grey fur chinchillas but when they are born they are 1 foot including their tails

What is the current price - 2008 - of chinchillas?

Depending on the breed and where you buy the chinchillas they could cost $50 - $200 or more in the United States.

How much do baby car seats cost?

$20.00 it can cost

How much does a baby sitter cost?

A baby sitter usually cost 3-10 dollars an hour