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The price for bell peppers is changing. The last time I went shopping (2 Days ago), green bell peppers were 79 cents. Red and yellow were upwards from a dollar. (This was at Smith Grocery). You will find cheaper ones at a market versus a name brand store.

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go to the grocery store and find out.

whats the cost of japaleno peppers per bushel?

Bell Peppers came from Spain.

Bell peppers translates to Spanish as pimientos.

The average bushel of peppers weighs 17-22lbs

bell peppers are used for colour for the food and decoration

yes As part of a balanced diet, bell peppers are a fine choice. Bell peppers have a high vitamin C content.

Yes, bell peppers and green bell peppers come from the same plant. Often, green bell peppers are just red, yellow, or orange peppers that have yet to ripen.

It takes longer for the red bell peppers to ripen and thus they are more expensive to ship and have in the store.

Bell Peppers do grow in different sizes.

Approximately 2 bell peppers

Each bushel contains 25 pounds of bell peppers. On average, you will probably end up with about 200 bell peppers per bushel.

Bell peppers should get from 6-8 hours of sunlight.

Not to most people. Red bell peppers are sweet like green bell peppers. Most red peppers are hot and hotter.

Green bell peppers are extremely nutritious and very good for people.

Red Bell peppers (or capsicums) are not known to be toxic to goats.

Bell peppers, hot peppers are in the vegetable food group.

Bell peppers come from the Americas. They were introduced to the whole world when the Columbian exchange was happening.

I eat red bell peppers all the time! They are actually quite good.

Bell peppers can come in a variety of colors such as red, yellow, orange and green. They can be used for a variety of recipes and foods. The bell peppers have an effect of being high in potassium.

Tennessee grows tomato, tobacco, lettuce, oranges, apples, radishes, celery, watermelon, green bell peppers, red bell peppers, yellow bell peppers, and carrots.

Hamsters can eat Bell Peppers, but not chili peppers, mine like lettuce too.

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