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  • I am getting mine done in Bogota.. Shorter flight, great surgeons, and their price are really low.
  • I got mine done in Argentina... 450ccs, including transfers, hotel, and the best care ever it was around USD 4300.- pretty good... I love my new breasts!!!
  • At least a few thousand dollars, when you include the surgeon's fees.
  • You will need to ask the doctor to provide specific cost information before the surgery. Be sure to find out:
  • What are the costs of getting breast implants (the implants, the anesthesia, the surgery, etc.)?
  • What are the costs for follow-up visits?
  • What are the costs for detecting or treating a complication, especially treatment that involves a reoperation, such as implant removal with or without replacement?
  • What is the specific manufacturer warranty for the implants that you are gathering information on? Some people resource to medical tourism (planned trips to other countries that include medical interventions)
  • Cosmetic surgery costs depend on the country, region and clinic, there is not a standard list of fees or regulated prices. It also depends much on what needs to be done, in your specific needs and in how you look now. Your best option to find out about pricing is to:
  1. Enter the name of the surgery you want to know about in a search engine
  2. Check the diverse options
  3. Contact the clinic or surgeon
  4. Obtain an estimate
  5. Contact who has had a similar surgery for some tips
  6. Always check with the local medical association if the surgeon is registered and with no negative remarks
  • Many clinics will only provide a price if you are going physically to an examination. Others will provide you an estimate if you send some photos of the area to be corrected. Still others will provide a base pricing that may change drastically after a first examination.
  • Do not consider any pricing more than a vague orientation until you have contacted your surgeon of choice in person. Only after physical examination a true estimate can be given.
  • I don't know where you live but in the UK its about 44000 pounds. Done in Belgium - its all reputable and can be half the price
  • My breast augmentation was $7200.00 and this was with a discount... My doctor was offering 15% off after the first of the year. This was only the doctor fee. If the procedure is taking place in a hospital.... then you will have the hospital fee and the anesthetic fee. I would not advise you to go to a Doctor Who does it in their facility. It is unsafe. Those doctors usually have the higher percentages in infection and other complications. Make sure you find out the total cost of everything. And do some shopping on doctors. Don't just pick the cheapest one. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR:)
  • Thee cost of breast augmentation varies depends on implants type, size, incision, doctors location and doctor's reputation. It can start from $4000 and go up to $12,000 and more.
  • I got a quote for 5,000 USD in Bulgaria with a very reputable cosmetic surgeon. Anything from tummy tucks to rhinoplasty can be priced out in different countries. What better than taking a vacation at the same time... recovery in a foreign country is also easier and less stressful!
  • It costs anywhere from $3,000 - $8,000 in American dollars. It also depends on who your surgeon is (experience), the location (some areas are more expensive), and the procedure (how much larger, etc). In the U.S., Utah is well known for its affordability for cosmetic surgery. I am a plastic surgeon in Utah (Dr. York Yates) and my fee is in line with what you would see out here $4100. The cost certainly varies geographically.
  • In Mexico you will pay around $3200 USD all included.
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Breast implants will cost anything between $1300 to 1800 and considering all other costs such as surgeons fees, anesthesia and cost of other facilities the expenditure can be anything between $5000 to 7000.

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Q: How much do breast implants cost?
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On average how much do breast implants cost?

Breast implants cost may vary by city and surgeon. On average, according to the American Society for Asthetic Plastic Surgery, breast augmentation fees were approximately $3,694 for silicone breast implants and $3,308 for saline breast implants in 2011.

How much would a breast implant cost?

The cost of breast augmentation, or breast implants, depends on the facility and the individual. If a person wants augmentation that looks natural, the cost will be higher. The total cost for surgery, implants, and after-care usually costs between 5000$ to 20,000$ (USD).

What is the cost of breast implants privately?

The typical price range for breast implants is $5000 to $15000, depending on the type of implants, the facility and the surgeon. The highest part of the total cost is usually the surgeon fee.

What kind of different breast implants are there to be found?

Different kinds of breast implants include silicone, saline, smooth type breast implants, textured breast implants, round breast implants, and anatomical breast implants.

What is the price range of the average breast augmentation?

The cost of breast implants ranges from $4,000 to $10,000. This includes the cost of the implants, anesthesia, hospital fee and surgeon's fee.

What is the average cost of getting breast implants?

"Breast implants can start at $10,000 per breast. WebMD is a great resource for all things medical. Using this site will give you information about breast implants, helping to determine if it is right for you."

How much do breast implants weigh?

It depends on the size of your particular implants.

How much do breast implants in ny cost?

the cost to get your breasts done in N.Y. is huge! if you only get one breast done it costs between $500 to $1,000! that is a lot of money!

How much does an average breast augmentation cost?

I live in GA and know a great surgeon who does implants for $3800

What is the average cost of upper implants.?

The average cost for Breast Augmentation is over $7,000.

Did Anna kooiman have breast implants?

Anna Kooiman has not publicly declared that she had breast implants although it is rumoured that she had breast implants.

How much does breast inplant cost?

Breast Implants tend to cost around $5,850 on average, but that can vary depending on where one receives the procedure and what caliber the Surgeon is with regards to reputation, work and skill level.

How much is a breast lift with implants?

The cost of breast augmentation with implants ranges from £ 4500 to £ 6000 in the United Kingdom. Much depends on the type of breast implants used and some areas of the country may be more expensive to get the operation done than others. Typically prices are a little more expensive in the South. Check what aftercare package is being offered in the price , dont just focus on the cost of the actual surgery alone

How much will breast enhancement cost?

The price of breast enhancements will vary depending on the type of implant. There are 2 types; saline implants and silicone implants. Saline implants are slightly cheaper costing å£1000-å£1500 with silicone implants costing å£1500-å£2000. The price will also depend on the surgeon and the end look i.e. how big or small the breast are required to be.

How much does 460cc of salin breast implants weigh?

How much does an 460cc of salin breast implant weight?

How much are breast implants in Meridian Idaho?

they are 14grand

Can you reduce the size of breast implants?

It's not uncommon for women with breast implants to change their implants to a smaller size.

What is the average cost of breast augmentation plastic surgery?

Breast augmentation fees include the plastic surgeon's fee, anesthesia fee, operating room fee, and implant fee. The average cost of breast augmentation in the U.S. is $5,850 for saline implants, and $6,750 for silicone implants.

Did Naya Rivera actually get breast implants?

No, she didn't really get breast implants

What Angelina jolie had breast implants?

She never ever did have breast implants done on her.

What is the average cost of breast enlargement surgery?

The average co for silicone based breast implants ranges from $4,000-$6,000. The average for gel implants is slightly more ranging from $5,000-$7,000.

Are there breast implants that can be filled after surgery?

No, breast implants have to be filled in during surgery only.

Does Rhonda Vincent have breast implants?

It is unknown as to whether Rhonda Vincent has breast implants.

Do breast implants harden when pregnant?

No, the breast implants themselves do not harden. The actual breasts still do. But that's of course harder to feel when they're behind breast implants.

How much do 275 cc breast implants weigh?

A 275cc silicone breast implant weighs 0.30 kg (0.66 lbs). These weights are for a single breast implant, not for two implants put together.