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Q: How much do ceo's of pharmaceutical companies make?
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What are the negative effects of national health care?

Pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies will not make as much money!

How much money did the pharmaceutical companies make last year?

I heard somewhere around 600billion a year

How much money is spent on pharmaceutical marketing in Canada?

There is much controversy in pharmaceutical companies and their marketing. Many spend more on advertising than they do dollars for research. In 2004, pharmaceutical companies invested over $1.7 billion in advertising in Canada alone.

How much does a pharmaceutical supervisor at a hospital make?


What does a state university have to offer to a CEO?

CEOs of state universities are compensated much like CEOs of businesses. They receive bonuses based on their ability to make the university marketable.

Are CEOs paid too much?

Some are, but boy will i be glad to make an average of $2.2 million.

How much should a first year pharmaceutical sales specialist make?


How much do CEOs make?

well it depends how far into the business your company is, if its big obviously your salary is going to be larger then 100k

Why do you think companies are concerned about how much money it costs to make a product?

why are companies concerned about how much a product cost to make

How much money does a pharmaceutical representative make?

How much money does a equine Pharmaceutical make?

An "equine pharmacautical" is a drug or medication used in equines.

How much does a pharmaceutical chemist get paid?

the average pharmaceutical chemists get paid $50,000 annually

How much do vfx companies in general make?

In a good year VFX companies generally make 5% profit

How much does a Pharmaceutical scientist earn?


How much money do cigarette companies make per year?

they make 15x more than the hot Cheetos's companies and the hot Cheetos companies make 7,000,000 per year

How much do ambulances make?

Nothing! The companies that own them make a lot.

How much do medicine makers make?

There is too wide a range of jobs involved to even give a hint of an idea. Some people working for pharmaceutical companies make minimum wage; research scientists typically make 70-100k a year or even more; executives are often well into seven figures.

How much do tobacco companies make a year?

About $500,000,000,000 a single year

How much money do oil companies make?

500,000 plus a year

How much money do cigarette companies make per day?


How much does it cost companies to make toys?

Around 22,000 dollars

How much did insurance companies make in 2012?

Large insurance companies made about 30 dollars per customer.

How long would it take a cure for cancer to get FDA approved?

Pharmaceutical companies make far too much money, and contribute massive amounts to governments world wide, which ensures that no "cure" for anything will see the light of day. I once heard a prominent CEO of a pharmaceutical manufacturer tell a group of young entrepreneurs that there is is no profit in cure. The profit is in providing a medication that does something, but not everything it is supposed to do. Having said that, any foreign substance we ingest, be it medication or whatever, is going to have some sort of unwanted effect. Then the pharmaceutical companies make a pill or potion to alleviate that, which then produces another wave of side effects, and so more drugs must be developed to counteract these....and so it goes on and on. Every pharmaceutical has unwanted side effects. Most are poisons or dangerous if taken in larger doses. This too is an opportunity for the pharmaceutical companies to manufacture another drug to counteract the effects of the drugs you have taken to offset the effects of the drug they provided to "cure" the original ailment. A never ending cycle.

How much money does an average CEO earn?

"How Much Does An Average CEO Earn"? There is a wide range of CEOs out their, the salary depends on the individual executive. The span of CEO earnings can be measured in the value of the company. On the low end, CEOs make from roughly 1 million to 3 million per year. The largest portion of CEOs, falling in the middle, can make anywhere from 15 million to 85 million. Leaving the owners with the 100 millions. However, every one of the individuals in these three categories have each a certain net value that happens to change through the year, you win some and you loose some.

How much money do pharmaceutical salespeople earn?

It truly depends on your job experience, education background and geography. However, most new pharmaceutical sales representatives will make a base salary of $45,000-55,000 and an average bonus of $12,000-$24,000.