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How much do chameleons care for their young?


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Reptiles in general aren't much for childcare. After leaving the eggs in a good spot they're pretty much done.
Chameleons dont care for their young. they abandon them.

They lay their eggs make a ditch and leave them on their own.


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None. Chameleons don't care for their young.

They don't. Chameleons are a reptile and reptiles don't parent their young.

The life expectancy of chameleons is about 7 years. Chameleons in captivity often have a much lower life span because some owners do not care for them as much as they should.

I think baby chameleons called as a chameleon too.

if you do your research ahead of time it is not hard

just like any other animal feed it, care for it. the basic needs

Sponges don't do much in the parental care department. They don't take care of their young at all like the mother Cobra.

No, chameleons are in fact reptiles. They differ from mammals in that they do not have hair on their body, they produce eggs outside the body, are cold blooded, do not give birth to live young, and do nurse their young (do not produce milk).

Like most mammals, they give much care to their young. The mothers will milk-feed them for about a year and keep the calves near them for at least another year.

they dont care for young

they care for their young.

They are manly pretty easy to take care...a clean cage,food,and love are really all they need!

they care for young by teaching them how to hunt

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Black Robins reproduce and care for there young in much the same way any other bird wood. They lay eggs, hatch them, and then feed the young that comes out.

Yes, female raccoons take care of their young. Males have nothing to do with the care of the young.

chameleons eat insects,and chameleons are insectivores

they dont take care of there young

No, stegosaurus did not care for it's young

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Snakes do not care for their young.

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