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The average salary for a CNA is $24,000 per year. The average salary for a LPN/LVN is about $36,000 per year and the average salary for an RN is $67,930 per year.

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Q: How much do cns LPNs lvns RNA aprons earn?
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How much do LPNs make in mass?

17-25 a hour

How much do LPN make an hour?

Most LPNs will make approximately $20 per hour. The exact amount they will earn will depend upon their experience, where they work and the part of the country they are located in.

How much does an LPN earn per hour in Salt Lake City Utah?

The average hourly pay of LPNs in Salt Lake City is $19 per hour. The average hourly pay for LPNs in San Francisco is $24 per hour, and in Las Vegas, the average hourly pay is $20.

How much to LPNs make per hour in Minnesota?

twenty six

How much money does a LPN earn in Arkansas?

The median salary for a licensed practical nurse (LPN) in Arkansas is $52,000 per year. This means that half the LPNs will make more and half will make less.

How much money does LPN earn in Florida?

This really depends on your experience level and what part of Florida you are talking about. LTC pays the most usually anywhere from 15-25 dollars an hour depending on PT FT or PRN status. Hospitals that hire Lpns starting pay can be as low as 12 dollars an hour to as much as 18. Agency Lpns make the most but work is unpredictable @ best.

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about how much are LVNs paid when starting at the Loma Linda VA hospital?

You will need to contact the Loma Linda hospital department of Human Resources directly to get an answer on salaries.

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How much do LPNs make at a home health care agency?

in southeastern PA, in pediatric homecare: only $18/hour

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