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Construction workers make from $100 to $300 depending on where construction sites are located. Workers usually get paid more in coastal regions.


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construction laborers, totaling over 77,000, earned a mean annual salary of $31,870

According to the Beauru of Labor Statistics, the average salary for workers constructing "Nonresidential buildings" is about $45000/yr. The pay for construction workers varies. Commercial construction workers can earn as much as $20000-$40000 a year.

Knowledge workers are those who use their head to earn their living compared to those workers who use their sweat to earn living. e.g. An Architech is a knowledge worker while a construction worker is not a knowledge worker.

There has been much negative publicity about this subject. Construction workers on the Burj Dubai site are said to earn as little as $4 per day.

Highway, street, and bridge construction $14.48Nonresidential building construction 12.97Other specialty trade contractors 12.35Foundation, structure, and building exterior contractors 11.89Residential building construction 11.42

Real estate brokers and salespeople earn commissions.

In the US, migrant workers typically earn only minimum wage at best if they are here legally. Illegal aliens frequently earn less than that.

Construction managers earned $74,200 on average in 2001

A construction project manager makes about $43.16 an hour!

Construction payConstruction workers can make up to $1500 a week, but most work is seasonal so yearly income can very from $25,000 and up.----------According to the National Construction Estimator for 2008, laborers make $19.01 and carpenters, $23.23/hr as an average in the USA, in residential construction. In McAllen (which is the closest I could find to Brownsville), the figures are 4 percent below the national average. You also need to consider what affect the recession is having on these wages. Answered Sep 22 2009.

iron workers make 20 dollars a day!!

I know for steel workers it was from $1.50 to $2.00 a day.

In Houston TX. in home health care workers earn around 12 dollars an hour.

In Vietnam, the amount of money that a pharmacist can earn per year depends on their qualifications and experience. The average salary for such a position is 42,000 US dollars.

Farming, construction, and engineering are some of the ways that people in Ethiopia earn money.

about 50,000 a year unless there are under workers the'll earn about 99,000. about 50,000 a year unless there are under workers the'll earn about 99,000. about 50,000 a year unless there are under workers the'll earn about 99,000. Actually when they first start off the get paid 15-20 thousand per year, but after a few years they can earn up to 75 thousand per year.

quantity surveyors are part of the construction industry quantity surveyors are part of the construction industry

A construction worker may make an average of $25,000 - $54,000 per year.

You will earn the ability to hire more workers as you level up. Eight workers is the maximum you can reach.

There are no set salary rates for craft workers. You are likely to start on about $24,000 (£12,000) a year. Experienced craft workers earn around $36,000 (£18,000) a year. Senior workers can earn up to $40,000 (£20,000) a year.

A construction worker in the UK makes about 30,000 dollars a year. This depends on level of experience and location.

Official data as in 2012 Q1 after taxes net income per month is:* National minimum: 248,34€ a month (12,2%earn that much or less).Professions like cashier, security Guard, postal worker, dishwasher, kindergarten worker.* Between minimum 248,34€ and median salary 468,92€, earn 37,8% of employees.Professions like some State employees, factory workers.* Between median 468,92€ and average 680,79€ salary, earn 35% of employees.Skilled professions and manufacturing workers - hairdresser, cnc machine operator, truck driver (E, C), bus driver, skilled construction worker.* Over average 680,79€ earn earn 15%of employees.Professions like programmers and very skilled IT workers, also complex CNC machine workers who know fanuc and can model / program in autocad - solidedge - mastercam, also doctors and dentists.

No. They were not hired workers. They toiled in laboratories because of their own curiosity.

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