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Construction workers make an average of 20 dollars or more an hour. The longer you work in this field, the more you can make. Many workers have the opportunity for overtime and can make 35 dollars or more an hour.

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Q: How much do construction workers get paid?
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How much do construction workers earn in China and Vietnam?

Construction workers make from $100 to $300 depending on where construction sites are located. Workers usually get paid more in coastal regions.

How much do construction workers pay in weekly deductions?

they get paid 13,999 weekly after deductions.

Where are the highest paid construction workers?

marysville Kansas

Do construction workers get paid double on presidents day?

no they dont

What should you do when passing a construction zone?

My grandmother always told me to throw quarters at the workers because they don't get paid much.

Do construction workers get paid vacation or holidays?

Typically no but it varies from company to company.

How much do construction workers make in a month?

Labourers usually get minimum wage, skilled trades get paid according to the scale of their profession.

How much do construction workers earn?


How much does a construction engineer get paid?

construction engineers gets paid about $5000 to $6000 a week

How much do sweatshop workers get paid?

- They get paid much less! - +/- $800 a month.

who makes the city?

The city is built by construction workers that are paid by the comity council or the city themselves from taxes the people pay. So to answer the question the construction workers build the cities.

How much do construction managers get paid?


Why might some construction workers be paid more than some teachers?

construction work is more dangerous than teaching

How much do saucony workers get paid?

more then you

How much were migrant workers paid?


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How do construction workers find jobs?

Rain, snow, or wind may halt construction work. Workers in this industry usually do not get paid if they can't work due to inclement weather. So construction workers have to find jobs by advertising and/or post their help wanted online.

How much do child care workers get paid a month?

They get paid in cheese

Do construction workers get paid while not on duty?

Not normally, however if you have worked over your minimal limit then sometimes that extra work is paid when off duty. I know as I am a construction and design company.

How much do construction workers get of money?

nice grammar Stupid

How much did a construction worker get paid on the titanic get paid?

6 cents an hour

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How much do Adidas workers get paid?

1p a day

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How much do bank workers get paid in UK?

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