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How much do construction workers get paid?


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Construction workers make an average of 20 dollars or more an hour. The longer you work in this field, the more you can make. Many workers have the opportunity for overtime and can make 35 dollars or more an hour.


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Construction workers make from $100 to $300 depending on where construction sites are located. Workers usually get paid more in coastal regions.

they get paid 13,999 weekly after deductions.

Labourers usually get minimum wage, skilled trades get paid according to the scale of their profession.

Typically no but it varies from company to company.

construction engineers gets paid about $5000 to $6000 a week

- They get paid much less! - +/- $800 a month.

Rain, snow, or wind may halt construction work. Workers in this industry usually do not get paid if they can't work due to inclement weather. So construction workers have to find jobs by advertising and/or post their help wanted online.

construction work is more dangerous than teaching

Not normally, however if you have worked over your minimal limit then sometimes that extra work is paid when off duty. I know as I am a construction and design company.

Construction workers used math

The can get paid as much as $150,000. Oil field workers are one of the highest paying jobs you can have without a degree.

The number of US construction workers registered in a union in 2010 was 801,000. However, there are more workers that do not belong to a union. Thus, this number is actually much higher if we are counting workers overall.

IN Georgia most construction workers make 5K or more

why are you considering this job?

They get paid a small amount.. They get paid like 10 cents each bucket...

There are many jobs that people in the favelas do: - factory workers - polishing shoes - washing cars at traffic lights (and hoping to be paid!) - construction workers - bus drivers - restaurant workers

According to the Beauru of Labor Statistics, the average salary for workers constructing "Nonresidential buildings" is about $45000/yr. The pay for construction workers varies. Commercial construction workers can earn as much as $20000-$40000 a year.

i get 22.00 an hour that's me

That would depend on what job they did.

The wages in the construction industry really depend what trade you practice. On average, construction workers who build residential houses make around $20 an hour while laborers make around $14 per hour.

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