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How much do golden retrievers weigh?


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They usually weigh from 50-85 pounds but when a puppy it is between 12-25 pounds


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7 month golden retrievers weigh about 95 pounds. i know because i have a golden retriever he is a year old now but when he was 7 months he wieghed that much. and most retrievers i know that are 7 months weigh that much. so i say 95 pounds

Rottweilers grow much bigger. Golden retrievers weigh 70-85 pounds. Rottweilers are 90 to 132 pounds.

Golden Retrievers are large dogs. Males weigh 65-75 pounds while females weigh 55-65 lbs.

On average, about 65-75 pounds for males. Females weigh about 60- 70 pounds.

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Male Golden Retrievers Height: 22-24 inches.Male Golden Retrievers Weight: 60-80 pounds.Female Golden Retrievers Height: 20-22 inches.Female Golden Retrievers Weight: 55-70 pounds.Some, golden retrievers are known to get bigger but it all depends on their bloodline and how much you feed them...Male, dogs tend to get/be more stockier then Females. This, is the average weight and height of a golden retriever.

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