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How much do male strippers make?

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A lot.

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How much strippers get paid?

Strippers make around $74,000 a year, & many of them have undergraduate degrees.

Do married or committed men get upset if their wives or girlfriends watch male strippers?

Most men do get upset when their fellow ribs watch male strippers but there is nothing to be upset about coz they also watch female strippers

What is the average payment for party entertainers?

Male Strippers- $200/ hour Female Strippers- $300/ hour

How much money do philadelphia strippers make?

not as much as Krisopher Garcia the king of the south

How much do Vegas Strippers make a year?

up to 200k- 400k

Do girls suck male strippers?

Long and hard.

Who is the male strippers in party hard core?

Chris Savage

Approximately how many strippers are there in the US?

I"m not sure how many strippers there are in the U.S. but I can give you an idea of some basic numbers. As far as male strippers, the numbers are much, smaller than that of female dancers. Male dancers work in groups and are featured at usually a few clubs in a city. In a city like Chicago, there may be as many as 30 regular male strippers. (I used to be one) Female Strippers is hard to tell. In the city of Las Vegas alone there are nearly 1000 strippers on a given day. Given that each city has multiple clubs, it's difficult to estimate but my guess would be somewhere between 100 for smaller cities and up to 500 in larger cities.

How much do the bull owners make in bull riding?

Bull riders make about as much as strippers do. Or in literate terms Hookers. They both like balls ;)

What are strippers or fat strippers?

A stripper (or fat stripper) is a male or female who is usually a trained erotic dancer who seductively takes there clothing off in front of others for cash (dollar bills). Strippers usually aren't fat.

Do male strippers get turned on while on the job?

I think they're obligated to. yikes.

What happens behind the male strippers towel?

The woman(women) gives him a fellatio.

How much money do female strippers in Los Angeles CA make?

100-200 per night

What percent of male strippers are gay?

Not all strippers are gay there is a lot of str8 ones but there is also a large percentage of gay ones its kinda half in half to be honest.

Why can women touch male strippers an men can't touch female strippers?

It's generally because male strippers aren't hired for sexual gratification, but for entertainment and humerous novelty reasons. Therefore the intent behind wanting to touch one is entirely different. In fact, in some cases male strippers encourage women to touch them for numerous reasons, ranging from personal gratification to the likelihood of getting more money. There's no strict guidelines on men performing for women because the reasons for the performances are often radically different. Men tend to take stripping (both watching and performing) much more seriously then women.

Does it mean female strippers like you if they tickle you with their fingers and toes?

No. Their job is to entertain you and keep you entertained. As a happy customer, you will continue to patronize the establishment and continue to purchase food and drink. The same applies to male strippers.

What kind of jobs make a lot of money?

pharmacists, doctors, lawyers, strippers

How much do strippers cost?

5 dollas a hit, 10 dollas a pound

Are there strippers in the window in Amsterdam?

Yes , Lots And Lots Of Window Strippers

Why do candidates need so much money to run for office?

they need cash for their advertisements to make them look good and when the election is over they use that money on strippers

What do srtippers do?

strippers take their clothes off in public places, say, and stripping bar. it can either be a male or female but mostly females.

How much money do male models make?

While male models do make decent money, they do not make as much as their female counterparts. Many of them make between 100 and 150 dollars per day.

Did the Pussycat Dolls used-two be strippers?

They used to be dancers, but not strippers.

When was Zombie Strippers created?

Zombie Strippers was created on 2008-04-18.

Why did Brad Pitt drive strippers around as a job before acting?

To make money