Mice and Rats

How much do mice weight?

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Just about an ounce

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How much weight can a mouse lift?

The weight that a mouse can lift will depend on its size. It is estimated that mice can lift things that twice their body weight.

How many mice can balance a macaw?

It depends on the size and weight of the mice.

What is the birth weight of mice?

the birth weight of rats is 5g or 6g, a mice should probably be alittle less than that.

What is the birth weight of a rat?

What is the birth weight of mice and rats ?

What is a mice birth weight?

The weight of a newborn mouse is 1-2 g.

How much do mice weigh?

From mature wild mice that can weigh as little as 10g, to lab mice that can weigh as much as 50g.

How much are albino mice?

They are the same as regular mice .

What is the birth weight of a rat and mice?

2 oz.

Where do you find mice?

Demographically, mice are pretty much everywhere.

How much blind mice are there?

3. There are three blind mice.

How much mice do mice eat?

seeds, corn,vegies, or petco has good food for mice

How many front toes do mice have?

however much toes your mom has, mice has that much. :P

How much do fancy mice eat?

they eat the same as regular mice

How much do 9 mice cost?

it cost £29 for 9 mice

Do mice eat carnations?

As no surprise, mice eat carnations. Mice eat pretty much anything that can be chewed on.

Can cheese kill rats and mice?

Cheese is really bad for them. It tends to make them gain a lot of unhealthy weight if they have it too often or too much.

How much do mice eat a day?

mice about 3 lbs. on a daily bases

Do coyotes eat mice?

Yes they enjoy eating mice very much.

How much corn does a mice eat?

mice don't eat corn sorry

What food is poisonous to pet mice?

Too much salt can harm your mouse or mice. I learned the hard way from my mice.

Do mice urinate through their feet?

No, mice urine much like other animals.

What does music do to mice?

Hi there mate, I hope this answer helps you. When I was doing an assignment on mice I found out that music does pretty much nothing to mice.

How much can a mice remember?

A lot

How does food supplements affect weight gain of juvenile mice?

do your own project

How much do mice cost at petco?

white mice prices range from 2 to 3 dollars but fancy mice range from 5 to 8